2021 Big Apple Film Festival

The Art of Visual Effects and Cinematography

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Stream began November 5, 2021 3:00 PM UTC
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A conversation with acclaimed visual artist Matthew Gratzner. In this session, Matthew will provide strategies on how to give your film the highest quality cinematic look, and some predictions on how the future of visual effects in film will look in the coming years.

MATTHEW GRATZNER is seasoned film industry professional, who has flourished as an art director, visual effects supervisor and co-founder of the Academy Award winning, New Deal Studios, Inc. (http://shannon-gans-i8ui.squarespace.com).

Between VFX projects Matthew directed several commercials and short films. After a number of successful years, Matthew decided to leave VFX to focus solely on writing and directing. Then the opportunity with the film, The Aviator, started a 10 year relationship with Martin Scorsese as a key member of Rob Legato's VFX team as Visual Effects/Miniature Effects Supervisor as well as Visual Effects Art Director.

Matthew was integral to creating scenes such as the horrific plane crash in The Aviator, the many subtle effects shots in The Departed, realizing the eerie environments for Shutter Island, and creating the epic train crash in Hugo.

He received a BAFTA nomination for The Aviator for best VFX, and Emmy nomination for best VFX on the Tom Hanks/HBO miniseries From the Earth to the Moon. Matthew also received a Clio and a Cannes Golden Lion for commercials as well as multiple VES Awards. Matthew is a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

While Matthew never attended film school, he felt being on set with Martin Scorsese was a master class in filmmaking— which encouraged his passion to create content— pioneering cinematic virtual reality and co-writing and directing two independent feature films currently in post.

Matthew loves and feels most comfortable working with actors-- and thinks that while visual effects, art direction and stunt work are all extremely important visually—without the emotion of compelling characters and a strong story, a project’s success is diminished greatly.

Matthew also has several projects in development with his latest company, Proof of Concept Entertainment, Inc. (www.proofofconceptent.com

Currently Matthew is in the process of releasing Mutiny!, his latest short film—a swashbuckling, comedy-action-adventure set in the 17th Century. (www.mutinyshortfilm.com). Mutiny is an official selection of the 2021 Big Apple Film Festival. For more information on Matthew visit www.matthewgratzner.com.