2021 Boston Japan Film Festival

Feature film: "Stand with the Divided" | わたしは分断をゆるさない

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"To find out the truth, we need to break down the subject," says Jun Hori. In Hong Kong, he meets a young man who stood up to protect human rights, freedom, and democracy. At a refugee camp in Jordan, he finds a girl who wishes to see her father detained in Syria, who -one day- hopes to become a doctor that saves many precious lives. He also makes acquaintance with Ms. Fukaya, a hairdresser, who has neither been allowed to return home due to the Fukushima nuclear accident, nor been able to hold scissors since the earthquake. Meanwhile, Kubota and her son, who have moved from Mito to Okinawa after the earthquake, meet people who oppose the move of the new U.S. Marine Corps base from Futenma to Henoko. By raising her voice, she finds ways she can do to create a better future.

Deepening divisions can be seen in many places where social issues loom, in both Japan and overseas. Journalist Jun Hori explores the truth of division by approaching it himself.

  • Year
  • Runtime
    113 minutes
  • Country
  • Director
    HORI Jun
  • Screenwriter
    KITAMURA Kenji
  • Producer
    MINAGI Izutaro
  • Cast
    Chin Issei, Fukaya Keiko, Cyoraku Memetto, Kubota Minaho, Oowada Arata, Yasuda Jyunpei, Erukasyu najiibu, Sendo kou, Mastunaga Haruko, Bisaan, Abudora, Muno Takeji, Oota Masahide
  • Editor
    TAKAHASHI Masashi
  • Music
    Aoki Ken