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FREEDOM DAY tells the story of the three founders of The Freedom Day Foundation, a small grassroots organization that fights for racial and social equality. The documentary opens up on the day of the foundation’s second march on July 4th, Blackout March, follows the organizers, Morgan (27), Clayton (29), and Malik (23) through the commencement of the march.

Founder, Morgan Barnhart, is the heart and soul of the foundation. Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Barnhart displayed a penchant for activism and racial equality since she was young after being bullied both online and off just for being black. Morgan understands the plight of being a Black woman in America and continues to navigate this landscape as she juggles the responsibilities of the foundation, work, and an interracial relationship with her partner.

Clayton Northcraft, co-founder and aspiring educator, is the glue of the trio. Northcraft hails from Pasadena, Maryland and developed an interest in politics at a very early age from his grandfather. Living in a diverse community, Clayton fostered an appreciation for the traditions and contributions of different ethnic groups to the fabric of American society. As a white ally, Northcraft strives to uplift the cause through his continued work with Our Revolution Maryland and Freedom Day Foundation.

Malik Harris, a graduate of University of Maryland Baltimore County, is the powerhouse of the foundation. Growing up in Maryland, as a Black male, his dad made Malik very aware of the racial climate he experienced in Georgia. Striving to pursue his passion for sound engineering and music production, Malik struggles to strike a balance between the needs of the foundation, creative passions and his professional pursuits as he begins a new chapter in his life in New York.

The film continues with the founders reminiscing on the importance of their first march, Freedom Day March, and concludes with their most recent march, Sing Along March as we explore a bit of the lives from each of the founders. The bond between the three founders will set the stage for understanding the passion and drive required to create an impactful march and form a foundation. The ally-ship displayed between Morgan and Malik with Clayton is a shining example of what is needed in order to enact change within our communities, nation and posits - that we are stronger united than apart.The film will conclude with interviews with the activists discussing the future for the foundation, marches and themselves as they continue their fight for equality.

  • Runtime
    24 minutes
  • Language
  • Country
    United States
  • Director
    Rianne Pyle
  • Producer
    Kirsty O'Donnell, Rianne Pyle
  • Cast
    Morgan Barnhart, Malik Harris, Clayton Northcraft, Mckayla Wilkes
  • Cinematographer
    Ryan Devita and Jay Murray
  • Editor
    Charlotte Atkinson