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Fisher Creative in association with Mongol Ecology Center

Over 4,000 national parks in nearly 100 countries worldwide protect some of the world’s most remote, vast, rugged, and pristine ecologically and culturally important places on Earth. Ensuring this protection sometimes depends on the dedication, bravery, and sacrifice of just a handful of individual park rangers with only a fraction of the necessary resources. But a grassroots international effort is rallying to help by delivering equipment that allows these front-line conservation heroes to do their jobs more effectively.

It all began with a broken bike. While visiting Lake Hovsgol National Park near the Mongolian-Russian border in 2013, former US park ranger Robert “Mac” McIntosh watched as a local chief ranger was unable to respond to illegal activities after his decrepit motorcycle literally fell apart. Mac learned that these sorts of occurrences routinely interfere with rangers throughout Mongolia being able to successfully and safely do their jobs protecting parks from illegal poachers, miners, campers, and other park spoilers.

In response, Mac decided he was going to personally buy and ride a bike across Mongolia to donate to that ranger. Upon returning to the States, Mac and his colleague Wesley Thornberry told all their friends about the adventure and issued a challenge: “Who’s in?”

One year later, in 2014, Mac and 14 other riders purchased 15 new motorcycles, shipped them to Mongolia, and personally rode them over 1,000 miles across the road less northern steppe of Mongolia to deliver them to 15 grateful park rangers. Since that first rally, more than 160 motorcycles have so far been delivered to rangers in Mongolia, Argentina, Chile, and Bhutan with the help of more than 100 international riders.

This is the story of the Rally for Rangers movement and its ranger beneficiaries.

  • Year
  • Runtime
    55 minutes
  • Language
    English, Mongolian
  • Country
    United States, Argentina, Mongolia, Nepal