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China Review Studio, Tencent Sustainable Social Value Organization, Colorful Nature Films, Yunnan Forest Fire Brigade

A herd of elephants left their homeland Xishuangbanna, moving northward across over 1700 kilometers in around a year and half. Their story is like a mirror, reflecting the humans and the elephants’ encounter in Yunnan, China. People do their best to guide the elephants all along the way. The responses from these giants made the humans thinking about their roles in the nature and the importance of protecting the home of the wildlife and biodiversity. During the epic journey to the north and back to the south, crossing the forests, the farms, the roads, the viaducts, and the boundaries between the nature reserve and the human society, we can see the goodwill of the humans as well as the elephants building their trusts while they seek for food and water, shelter and survival.

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