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The never-before-seen wonders of a year in Antarctica, from the point of view of the everyday workers who are there to keep the stations running in the coldest place on the planet. Film crews usually get to visit Antarctica only during the few short months of summer, which is just a tiny fraction of the overall Antarctic experience. The film was made with unparalleled inside access, over 15 years, including 9 winters, isolated from the rest of the world, in 24-hour darkness and mind-numbing cold for months at a time. This is a portrayal of the extremes of the harshest conditions on Earth, and of stunning beauty that few people will ever get to see. The workers experience a hectic summer in 24-hour sunlight for 4 months, until the last plane takes off at the end of the season, leaving behind a skeleton crew for the winter. Having no physical contact with the outside world for 6 months as well as no way of leaving, those who remain must deal with the difficulties of extreme cold and an almost monastic life deprived of everyday comforts, all in months of unending darkness. By emptying their lives of the clutter of modern life, they actually feel more fulfilled. Having less can be so much more. The film also deals with the joys of finding love in the coldest place on Earth, the tragedy and loss back home that they cannot be a part of, and the wonders of a vast and humbling landscape.

  • Year
  • Runtime
    91 minutes
  • Language
  • Country
    Antarctica, New Zealand
  • Director
    Anthony Powell
  • Cast
    Anthony Powell, Keri Nelson, David Prutsman, Peter Lund, Tom Hamann, Christine Powell, Casey O’Brien, Andrew Velman, Genevieve Bachman, George Lampman, Michael Christiansen