26th Arab Film Festival

Workshop: "Writing and Producing Your First Short Film" (Session 1)

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The Writing and Producing Your First Short Film workshop led by Munir Atalla will be held virtually via Zoom on 2 consecutive nights this November 16th and 17th at 7 pm EST/ 4 pm PST!

This online workshop will consist of 2 sessions with one on each night, each 2 hours in length. The first session will consist of reviewing several shorts curated by Atalla for a deep dive into discussion and analysis of the films with an eye on producing and writing for beginners. The second session will be an opportunity for interested attendees to pitch and present their short film ideas to the group and receive helpful feedback. Participants may choose to attend just one or both of the sessions when reserving a spot. Those interested in presenting their pitch in Session 2 may submit it for review through this form here: Fill Out This Form To Present Your Pitch in Session 2

Session 1: Why make a short film? What can you do with one? How do you finance it? The short film is a unique medium that is often seen as a stepping stone into the film business, but in this participatory discussion we’ll dissect and celebrate the short film as a standalone product. We’ll screen successful shorts and discuss what they achieved and where they faltered. We’ll go behind the scenes on the anatomy of a short film crew, and learn why a great script is half the battle.

Session 2: You’ve always been good at telling tall tales, ya habibi, now you’re ready to make movies? Yallah, do you have an idea that you’re itching to share? Pitching your work is a perpetual part of this industry. Come share your passion project with other film lovers as we discuss helpful tips on how to bring your story to life and achieve the vision you have in mind, building on the earlier session. This session will build on the previous session, but it is not required to have attended it.

Tickets are available on a sliding scale basis, no one will be turned away due to lack of funds.

The Arab Film and Media Institute is proud to announce the launch of our exciting new “Creators” pillar this Fall 2022! The Creators program is AFMI’s 4th pillar and focuses on supporting active and rising Arab filmmakers in the industry. There are 3 main programs under “Creators” including Fiscal Sponsorship, Workshops, and The Arab Creators Collective (Coming Soon). This year, our 26th annual Arab Film Festival will include the new Workshops program led by industry experienced Arab creatives and educators.

About the Instructor: Munir Atalla is a Palestinian-American writer and filmmaker with roots in Jordan and Texas. Informed by his background as an investigative reporter, Munir’s narrative work explores unique subcultures across continents and time with a journalistic eye for detail and nuance. Munir has produced projects for A24, Peacock, The Othrs, and NBC News. His work for PBS Frontline was nominated for a DuPont Award for Journalistic Excellence in 2020. He’s currently based in Brooklyn, New York where he spent so much time with his head in the clouds that he literally made a movie about pigeons.