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Children of Nikozi

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Nikozi is a small village in central Georgia about one kilometer away from Russian-occupied Georgian territory. During the Russian-Georgian War of August 2008, Nikozi was almost completely destroyed. Many innocent lives were lost; many more were internally displaced. Villages through and around the conflict zone were emptied, and the illegal borderization by Russian troops continues to this day. It seemed that the same fate was awaiting Nikozi. 

Then, in 2009, the Archbishop of Nikozi and Tskhinvali Region tried to maintain the village population and create opportunities for the children there. A former animator himself, he initiated the opening of a free art school and welcomed everyone to take part in rebuilding the community. What is more, he started an International Animation Film Festival, in a place without resources or infrastructure—a festival without competition, a festival full of different nationalities singing together around the shared table. 

Everyone who visits Nikozi is adopted by this place—a symbol of hope, a place that doesn’t recognize borders, where enemies can have a dialogue, where art is used as a healing weapon.

The universal story of devastation on the way to healing unfolds in front of our eyes, told through the many voices of Children of Nikozi— from the villagers, the frequent guests, and famous artists, to the people who only stopped by to watch some films as a way to pass their evening.

  • Runtime
    31 minutes
  • Language
    Georgian, English, Russian
  • Country
  • Premiere
    The Houston International Film Festival , winner of Bronze Remi Award TV/Online premiere:
  • Director
    Nino Benashvili
  • Producer
    Nino Benashvili
  • Filmmaker
    Nino Benashvili
  • Editor
    Nino Benashvili
  • Sound Design
    Giorgi Koridze
  • Music
    Children of Nikozi by Nino Benashvili, produced by Jonathan Braithwaite