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CONTENT CONSIDERATION: This film contains imagery of self harm that may be disturbing to some viewers.

Haunted by the past, Elizabeth begins spying on the older, grieving Vedette from a vacant apartment across the street. When Elizabeth observes that her target is deaf, she teaches herself ASL and enrolls in Vedette's acting class. In time, the two women open up to each other about their anguish, plunging Elizabeth into further inner turmoil in her struggle to come clean and reveal her darkest secret.

Told almost entirely in American Sign Language (ASL) and shot on a DSLR camera, Since August is a uniquely intimate story of healing and redemption that bears witness to the power of visual storytelling in film. The film also showcases a diverse cast and crew of international women with the representation of a deaf actress in the role of Vedette. (APRIL 22-23)

Director’s Statement: Diana Zuros

I am fascinated by an illusion of contrasts that life has to offer and strongly believe that our mission as humans IS to bring together and unite the two extremes of the spectrum but still be able to maintain diversity and non-judgment. It's a very thin line to walk, but it IS possible.

I come from a photography background and perceive filmmaking as a visual storytelling vehicle —the less words it uses to convey an idea, the better. I guess that thought-process prompted me to create this, my first feature film, using ASL.

Deaf representation has always been quite scarce, even now in 2021, and whenever deaf people ARE represented in the media they are almost always portrayed as "victims" and those that need to be "fixed", I'm proud to say that it's not the case in this film. I really hope Since August will pave the way to a lot more PROPER deaf representation in the near and far future.

Thanks to everyone who landed a helping hand in bringing this film to fruition during the arduous ten- year saga :)

Selected Filmography: Experimental shorts Tower and River's End

Food Pairing Suggestion:

This film privileges the quiet, so I'd suggest foods that don't crunch: Noodle dishes from Blue Toba with Thai Ice Tea. - Louise Pare, Volunteer

  • Year
  • Runtime
    103 minutes
  • Language
    American Sign Language, English
  • Country
    United States
  • Premiere
  • Director
    Diana Zuros
  • Screenwriter
    Diana Zuros; co-script-writer: Nino D. Gordeli
  • Producer
    Diana Zuros, Levan Zuroshvili, Doddo Jaiani, Nino D. Gordeli
  • Cast
    Sabina Akhmedova, Antoinette Abbamonte, Tyler Cook, Barry O'Rourke , Ashton Cline
  • Cinematographer
    Diana Zuros
  • Editor
    Bryan Colvin, Diana Zuros
  • Music
    Maciej Zielinski