Available Light Film Festival 2021

Dinner & A Movie - Live virtual cooking class with Chef Luke Donato

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Stream began February 19, 2021 1:00 AM UTC
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Join Chef Luke Donato from the film Until Further Notice for a live virtual cooking class.

Make dinner and then enjoy it while watching a movie with the Available Light Film Festival on ALFF Online.

You will receive a zoom link to the class the day before the event

Luke Donato is formerly the executive chef and owner of the French bistro Bacchanal. A graduate of the French Culinary Institute (NYC), he comes from a family of chefs. Mother, PR consultant Mary Mahoney is a trained chef and Liam, his sous chef brother, like Luke developed their skills at an early age.


This recipe does 2 things, first it showcases some of Canada's greatest foods and second satisfies some of those lost restaurant desires by making it at home.

I have recently been making a lot of Japanese food at home. Typically it’s a cuisine I would go out for but because of the pandemic it has made me diversify my skill set. Japanese food is so satisfying with its fairly easy execution (not including sushi, those guys are masters) and its Umami rich flavours, it can really be an exciting weekday change to your families arsenal of dinner “go to’s”.

I bring it more local with the use of Canadian salmon, Atlantic or Pacific, I love them both, and maple syrup. When you join us for the show I'll tell you why you should use maple syrup more often in your savoury cooking.

Canadian Teriyaki Salmon

serves 4


4 x 6-8oz portions of Salmon, preferable skin on

1/4 green cabbage

1 Zucchini

1 Carrot

1 small-medium onion

1 cup of mushrooms, Enoki would be fun, shiitake would be tasty, and button will do just fine

salt and pepper

1/4 C soy-sauce (If you’re gluten free there is lots of really good tamari/shoyu available)

1/4 C sake or dry white wine

1/4 maple syrup

2 T grated ginger

1/2 lemon


10-12’ skillet

1 large bowl, 1 small bowl

vegetable peeler

cutting board

chef knife, or knife your comfortable chopping with

parchment paper

Don’t like salmon?, get another fish.

Don’t like fish?, steak would be really good.

Don’t eat red meat?, everybody loves chicken

This recipe can do it all, and I'll be there to field you through it...

I will be serving this with steamed white rice. I recommend you make your rice before we start and keep it warm till you’re ready to eat. I will be using my favourite kitchen gadget and the one that sees the most action outside of my coffee grinder is my rice cooker.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Chef Luke