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As we wrap up ALT EFF 2021 with our closing ceremony, a spoken word poets from USA, will perform, sharing her experiences at the festival in the form of poetry! Earth Day will deliver an educational keynote on climate literacy, and we will announce all the winners from the several giveaway opportunities we had presented leading up to ALT EFF 2021! Join us to bid farewell to another amazing festival week and secure your chance to win prizes!

All Cass O’ Neill needs to light up with fierce joy is to be handed a mic! Born and raised in Seattle, USA with a heart as big as her laugh, Cassedy is a poet and a dreamer. A speaker and a writer. She is an arsonist for the soul, a breathwork facilitator, reiki master, numerologist, podcast host. She also travels and teaches across the globe, and loves poetry, music, and most importantly, words! She believes in the power of words as medicine, and is the author of a successful poetry book.

Karuna Singh is the Asia Director of Earth Day. She leads ‘Earth Programs’ in close to 25 countries, among approximately 5 billion people. She was also invited by the Asia Pacific Network for Global Change Research in Japan, to provide expert advice and help develop a South Asian hub for collaborative research and capacity building toward climate preparedness, and change management.