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Chidiya, Pujara aur Solah Rala Chor (The Bird, the Priest and the Sixteen Millet Thieves)

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Rala (Foxtail millet) is integral in the lives of the natives of central India, evident by its presence in their rituals, myths, legends and ballads; it’s fascinating that these stories even hint at the disappearance of Rala from the farm fields, diet and the people’s psyche. Oscillating between the ballads and the present times, The Bird, the Priest and The Sixteen Millet Thieves tells the story of grains and farm fields, rains and pests, market and diet, following the life cycle of Rala and the dwindling cultivation practice of this indigenous crop.

  • Year
  • Runtime
    58 minutes
  • Language
    Nimadi, Hindi
  • Country
  • Premiere
  • Director
    Milind Chhabra
  • Producer
    Pinky Brahma Choudhury, Shobhit Jain
  • Cinematographer
    Milind Chhabra, Laxminarayan Devda
  • Editor
    Milind Chhabra
  • Sound Design
    Shobhit Jain