2021 Art of Brooklyn Film Festival

'Can I Just Live?' (Drama Shorts Block #2) Encore Screening

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They tried to take you out, but you aren't going anywhere.

In a dystopian Miami landscape in the late 60's, Lucy, our lead character, is trapped in a cult-like pool club, an example of a social group reinforcing societal pressures of conformity. In this world, everyone is required to choose a social group to assimilate to at the age of ten, separated by gender and arranged by skin-tone. As a result of an unorthodox family dynamic, Lucy is self-aware and independent at a young age, a trait that carries onto her young adult life. While in shock after discovering her mother's sudden death, Julian, her estranged friend from a different social group, invites Lucy to a secret gathering of rogue social group members, (each representing a true civil rights activist of the 60's), who are high in revelry and speak on ideologies rebelling against this American Dream. This complicated friendship tethers back and forth, and these tensions are released in a climax, representing Lucy's first step towards enlightenment. We learn the next morning that most of the actions are reset by a powerful individual who represents their government, Dr. George Star.

  • Year
  • Runtime
    15 minutes
  • Language
  • Country
    United States
  • Director
    Brittney Rae
  • Screenwriter
    Brittney Rae
  • Producer
    Brittney Rae, Pamela Longsword, Eddie Mariano, Frantzy Moreau, Jessica Watkins, Diliana Alexander
  • Cast
    Brittney Rae, Frantzy Moreau, Nina Marie Daniele, John Hein, Ricky Herrera, David Jura