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Keep Rolling (Hong Kong) - Past Film

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Born in Manchuria to a Japanese mother, a Chinese father, and having spent her formative and school years in Macau, Hong Kong, and London, Ann Hui is an undeniable force in Hong Kong cinema. In KEEP ROLLING, it’s impossible to separate Hui and her great love for Hong Kong and its influence and impact on her career and life, through all the highs and lows she’s endured. Hui is a true maverick—even as she was part of the Hong Kong New Wave movement, among the ranks of such auteurs as Tsui Hark, John Woo, and Wong Kar-wai—as she chose to engage in work that illuminated the stories of everyday people, focusing on such themes as cultural displacement, family dysfunction, and women. She has won multiple awards and acclaim, starting with her first full-length feature THE SECRET and later BOAT PEOPLE, part of her Vietnam Trilogy, to having to humbly ask actor Andy Lau to fund A SIMPLE LIFE when times were tight. 

To this day, at age 73, Ann is as dedicated as ever to cinema, continuing to create authentic work, her integrity paying off as she was the first woman to be awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Venice International Film Festival (VIFF). And, her latest film and third Eileen Chang adaptation, LOVE AFTER LOVE, premiered at the Biennale at VIFF and is now slated for theatrical release.

Director Man Lim Chung

Man entered the filming industry after graduating from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University – School of Design in 1991. During his early years in his career, he assisted the most acclaimed art directors in Hong Kong such as Mr. Tony Au and Mr. William Chang on many Hong Kong Blockbusters. He was awarded his first Hong Kong Film Award in 1999 for his art direction in TEMPTING HEART and began his career as one of Hong Kong’s most notable art directors. From 2002 onwards, he has been working with Director Ann Hui and has worked as her films’ art director for JULY RHAPSODY, THE GOLDEN ERA, AND OUR TIME WILL COME.

  • Year
  • Runtime
    113 minutes
  • Country
    Hong Kong
  • Premiere
    Midwest Premiere
  • Note
    Documentary, Cantonese/Mandarin with Chinese/English subtitles
  • Director
    Man Lim-chung
  • Cast
    Ann Hui