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Death Valley Girls - 'Hold My Hand'
A music video and pandemic-proof curated film for the song "Hold my Hand" by Death Valley Girls, directed by 61 filmmakers from across North America.
The Universe According to Dan Buckley
Dan Buckley parts the veil on the origins and future of the universe. He investigates the disorder and delight that proliferates in between; the worlds and ideas that rub up against each other and, at times, collide. A reflection on assigning meaning and shedding preconceptions while in free fall.
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The Fourfold
Based on the ancient animistic beliefs and shamanic rituals in Mongolia and Siberia, an exploration of the indigenous worldview and wisdom. Against the backdrop of the modern existential crisis and the human-induced rapid environmental change, there is a necessity to reclaim the ideas of animism for planetary health and non-human materialities.
Spirit Never Dies, Only Transitions
An experimental documentary focusing on Black existence moving through time and space.
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I've Been Afraid
A story about fear and aggression and those paralyzing forces that allow the body to accept and sustain violence.
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Letter From Your Far-Off Country
Shot with 16mm film stock that expired in 2002—the same year as the state-sponsored anti-Muslim genocide in Gujarat—and filmed amid the anti-CAA protests in Delhi, the filmmaker traces lines and lineages of ancestral memory, poetry, history, songs, and ruins from his birth in 1989.
New Mexico Deathwish Diatribe
Three narrators converge in the deserts of New Mexico, each with a separate story to tell. One narrator is J. Robert Oppenheimer, another is a visitor from outer space, and the other is me. Our stories converge across the span of time and space into a single stream of consciousness.
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A fateful road trip dissolves into a meditation on grief, time and motion.
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Let’s break free beyond our walls – it’s a new era, time for flights of fantasy and intrigue. Breathe deep and explore the extraordinary odyssey of the human and cosmic phenomena.

A music video and pandemic-proof curated film for the song "Hold my Hand" by Death Valley Girls, directed by 61 filmmakers from across North America.


Andi Avery was born in New York, where she learned to give her unvarnished opinion on just about everything. After a promising childhood defined by an incorrigible book habit, and 4 years in an intensive acting and directing program, she dropped out of an all-girls private college after 8 months. She spent the next decade trying to assuage her guilt by obtaining as many odd certifications as possible as she tried to find her niche. The yoga teacher-cum-sommelier-cum-wildlife veterinary technician-cum-sex worker (sure, you can add a rim shot in there if you like)-cum-stuntwoman finally pulled her shit together in 2015 when she conceptualized a film based on her experiences in sex work. Leaving Charlie was shot in 2016 by a crew of 40 women & non-binary individuals. The narrative short has made rounds on the festival circuit, landing her 3 awards for her directing. Most importantly, it finally allowed her to utter the only statement that got a bigger eye-roll from Mom & Dad than her job as a stripper: “…but what I really want to do, is direct.”


Kate E. Hinshaw is a tactile filmmaker and cinematographer who works with digital and film cameras alike. Coming from an experimental background, she is interested in using the cinematic gaze to render visible the interiority of the feminine. Tactily, she works with 16mm and super 8mm film through bleaching, scratching, painting, and burning the emulsion in order to tell stories through color and texture. Her work has screened at SXSW, Atlanta Film Festival, Denver Film Festival, and Indie Grits. She earned an MFA at the University of Colorado at Boulder in Spring 2020 where she was awarded a teaching excellence award for her work as a digital cinematography instructor. She currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia where she publishes and curates Analog Cookbook—a film zine that celebrates and shares knowledge of analog filmmaking, darkroom processes, and features artists from all over the world.

  • Year
  • Runtime
    3 minutes
  • Language
  • Country
  • Premiere
    World Premiere
  • Director
    Andi Avery & Kate E. Hinshaw
  • Producer
    Kate E. Hinshaw
  • Cast
    A collective film by: Emily Andrews, Emily Atwood, Andi Avery, Brittany Baksa, Jillian Banegas, Cali M. Banks, Kavan Barnett, Tiffany Benitez, Jackie Borofsky, Josh Bloomer, Kansas Bowling, Archer Boyette, Mateo Carrasco García, María Castillo, Marisol Castillo, Tara Chickey, Andrea Comiskey, Nola Cooks, Shane Dedman, Paul DeSilva, Cedar Floyd, Mark Giese, Christie Gulden-Swengel, Rachael Guma, Ted Hesse, Kevin Hawkins, Erica Hill, James Hollenbaugh, Stephanie Hough, Justin Jackley, Ashley Jellison, Jody Kho, Kheang Kho, Abby King, Brian Lonano, Kevin Daniel Lonano, Hannah "Aloha" Macnamara, Rocio Mesa, Quatoyiah Murry, Lucas Ostrowski, Clayton Pacelli, Mattie Pieschel, Hannie Ramirez, Justin Rhody, Sarah Bex Rice, Robyn Riggins, Jose Ruiz, Emily Sabanero, Ulises Sabanero, Hogan Seidel, Caleb Smith, Kria Deren Smith, Gabby Sumney, Darren Swengel, Sophia Swengel, Shea Valdez, Will VK, Eileen White, Lauren Young, Kristin Zahra, and Cathy Zimmermann.