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Appa Tales: Stories From My Grandfather
Away With the Circus
An autistic teen realizes his dream of running away with the Circus after facing a life changing event.
Bus Stop
This was a very challenging yet extremely rewarding film to create during the filming restrictions of COVID -19. Eventually, the stars aligned and I managed the daunting task of filming in 6 days during the first weekends of the next school year and sports seasons. I had the incredible support from my family and friends to help achieve my vision. I really hope you enjoy and perhaps figure out the murderer!
I Squished Grandpa
Late Night Edit
I created this short film while at a filmmaking camp this summer. I was tasked with creating a dialogue-free, less than five-minute short film in under a week. While the shooting was requirements were hard, and the editing was even harder, I'm very pleased with the final product!
Uncle Joe
Uncle Joe is a film that champions "silent" no dialogue films for the next generation. As an African-American filmmaker, I wanted to illustrate that kids share similar experiences and that we are more alike than we are different. I casted Eastern European and Russian speaking children to lead in this silent comedy to make this point. The entire production crew and cast were kids aged 6-16 and all contributed to make this a universal experience. I hope children from every upbringing smile and enjoy my first film.
Under the Willow Tree
Two friends plan a very special surprise for their friend's birthday.
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The filmmaker’s grandfather recounts stories from his childhood when he was growing up during and after the Korean War.

  • Year
    01/03/2024 00:00
  • Runtime
  • Language
  • Country
    United States
  • Director
    Noah Shin
  • Screenwriter
    Noah Shin
  • Executive Producer
    Myung Hyo Shin, Won Kim Shin