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Current call to action: Little Cottonwood Canyon Mountain Transportation System

Wasatch Backcountry Alliance (WBA) envisions a low cost, low emission, energy efficient year-round multi-modal transportation scenario for improving the current traffic situation in Little Cottonwood Canyon (LCC). The system we envision must be capable of providing efficient and predictable service for travel to both developed locations (ski resorts) and to trailheads and other stopping points for dispersed use in LCC. Any improvements being made in LCC should be tied in to a larger transportation system that serves and benefits the entire Central Wasatch. More information on WBA's stance can be found by reading the official comment Wasatch Backcountry Alliance submitted for The UDOT LCC EIS process during the July public comment period. Stay tuned via newsletter or social media for our latest official comment on the Central Wasatch Commission (CWC) Mountain Transportation System (MST) Draft Alternatives Report

Ways to take action by October 18, 2020:

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A collection of our best films from the past 15 seasons, Backcountry Film Festival's "Best of Fest" will bring us all together to get stoked for the upcoming tour and winter. While we wish we could engage you all in a binge-watching fest of all seasons past in a cozy theatre in your hometown, we figured this would be the next best thing. We hope to see you “here” soon.

*Our Best of Fest is hosted virtually and/or in-person by local grassroots groups, backcountry retailers, and other community members. Please visit our tour page for more information on local screenings. We highly encourage you to attend your local screening or intentionally choose what screening you purchase tickets for (and if you don’t have one, reach out so we can schedule one for you!). Funds raised go back to your local backcountry community, so it’s vital you “show” up from the comfort of your own home for the host(s)/location(s) that are near and dear to your heart. 

(PG13) Best of Fest Films

“Afterglow” (2014-15 lineup)

“Blue”(2018-19 lineup)

“Red Lady: The Battle for Your Mountains” (2009-10 lineup)

“Out on a Limb” (2014-15 lineup)

“Seasons: Winter” (2011-12 lineup)

“Cross Country Snowboarding” (2010-11 lineup)

“Adventure Not War”(2017-18 lineup)

“Soundscapes” (2019-20 lineup)

“Bolton Valley” (2013-14 lineup)

“I Love Splitboarding” (2015-16 lineup)

“China: A Skier’s Journey”(2016-17 lineup)

“Snow Art”(2016-17 lineup)

“There on the Periphery”(2016-17 lineup)

“I Am Here”(2018-19 lineup)

“Can’t Ski Vegas”(2019-20 lineup)

Looking for the kid's version? Check it out here.

You can watch our Best of Fest trailer here. Virtual and in-person screenings are currently being scheduled. Please visit our tour page to find your local screening.