Bay Area International Children's Film Festival 2021

Saturday Morning / Saturday Evening Cartoons

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Enjoy these family-friendly films from around the world with our friends from across the sea at the Festival of Curiosity in Dublin, Ireland! (Runtime 47mins)

In the first season, Meaty from Planet Meat came to Earth to find eight vegetables to save his fellowmen. In this new season, having fallen in love with vegetables, Meaty returns to Earth to find more yummy ones! Meaty steps off the spaceship and comes with the V-team members to explore the garden and enjoy the surprises and pleasure that vegetables bring them in the sunny afternoon. During the mission, the kids learn how to grow, harvest and prepare different vegetables with their eyes, hands and mouths. They get to touch them personally instead of seeing them only at a market or in a dish! Based on the idea to experience it, so we make kids be the V-team members to explore in the fields. They learn how to identify and harvest fresh vegetables in season. They collect the assigned ingredients by their own hands to make delicious meal personally. The idea of “From harvest to mouth” helps establish their relationship with vegetables. Studies showed that 70% of the people in Taiwan don’t get to eat at least three different vegetables a day, and 30% of the parents confess that their kids don’t like vegetables. According to experts, it is important that preschoolers learn to have a balanced diet. If they hate a certain vegetable, they may refuse to eat it for the rest of their life. However, if parents force them to eat it or scold them for it, they’ll connect the vegetable with punishment and hate to eat vegetables. Therefore, based on the statistics and life experience, we think that making vegetables more interesting is key to food education. We’ve invented the world of Planet Meat to bring our kids closer to vegetables. When they get to find, harvest and prepare the vegetables with Meaty, they’ll get to recognize them and fall in love with them. (subtitles)

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    Hu Dao-ming
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    Lin Yi-xiu