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Overprotected and overdirected, American children are wilting under the weight of well-meaning parents. In the pursuit of keeping them safe and creating an impressive resumé of extracurricular activities to wow admissions boards, over-parenting smothers children across socioeconomic classes and leads to anxiety and depression. Chasing Childhood follows education professionals and reformed helicopter parents who seek and offer solutions for developing more confident, independent young people while restoring some joy and freedom to childhood.

Programmer Notes:

Both educational and fun, I was fascinated by what it was about and entertained by the stories and characters. A must-see, especially for parents, educators, and kids.

About the Director:

Margaret Munzer Loeb is a filmmaker and philanthropist who founded and manages MML Productions. In addition to Chasing Childhood, she has executive produced several other feature-length documentary films including Oliver Sacks: His Own Life, Found, Driving While Black and New York: Episode 9: The Future of Cities.

Eden Wurmfeld is an Emmy-nominated fiction and documentary producer and director. She is currently producing the Untitled "Feathers” feature film, directed by Amy Redford. Eden has produced several documentaries, including The Big Scary “S” Word, currently in the festival circuit, and the Netflix Original documentary Saving Capitalism, which launched worldwide in 2017. Among her other documentary credits are No Impact Man, Left On Purpose, My So-Called Enemy, Romeo Romeo and Sunset Story.

Chasing Childhood is Sponsored by Pacific Power

  • Runtime
    80 minutes
  • Language
  • Country
  • Director
    Eden Wurmfeld, Margaret Munzer Loeb
  • Producer
    Lisa Eisenpresser, Eden Wurmfeld