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12 films in package
Deep in the forest, a squirrel conductor wields the baton in a grand nocturnal opera.
A Chick's Adventure
Bit by bit, a baby chick breaks free of her eggshell, meeting many incredible creatures along the way. When she’s done, she rushes back to tell her mama all about her journey.
When an elephant is a little sad and grumpy, his trunk knows the way to cheer him up.
Pickle Plum Parade
A little girl sets out to discover her town and finds a wonderland in pink and yellow hues.
A boy finds a way to bring his dreams of food, friends, and flight to life.
Kippkopp in the Snow
A little chestnut boy has a great adventure when he sets out in the snow to help his friends, the birds.
Koyaa: Elusive Paper
Koyaa goes outside to paint with watercolors while Mr. Raven is crafting a cardboard birdhouse. When he grabs his brush the canvas starts folding all by itself—then flying off as a paper airplane. He tries to grab it as it shifts into a jumpy frog, then a ship, and soon a butterfly, until Koyaa realizes he'll need a special plan to outsmart the tricky paper sheet.
Snail the Painter
See how fast and musical a “snail’s pace” can be as a group of graceful gastropods move through fields of color.
Little Thinks
Discover a gentle, soothing world where sad can turn to happy if you look at things from all the angles.
Little Grey Wolfy - Summer Party
Teamwork and friendship makes the best birthday cake ever for a little wolf on his special day.
The Rainbow Giant
A girl journeys into a world of vibrant color, finding tasty treats to make her mother feel better.
Sam's Dream
It takes time and some help from friends for a little mouse to make his dream of flying come true.

In this virtual program of gentle, colorful animated films, curious animals and adventurous kids alike sing, grow up, fly high, and celebrate the magic of life, in all its lovely rainbow colors.

This program includes films from China, Croatia, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Norway, Switzerland, and Taiwan.

All ticket sales go to support BAM Education, helping to ensure the future of BAM's adventurous programming for families and students.

Deep in the forest, a squirrel conductor wields the baton in a grand nocturnal opera.

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    Sung in Italian
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