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15-year-old math whiz Nikola is offered an unexpected chance to escape war-torn Sarajevo when his math club receives an invitation to participate in the 1995 International Math Olympics in Canada. Nikola initially sees the invitation as a reward for his dedication to mathematics and his club in the midst of the siege of Sarajevo. It is also a chance to experience teenage life outside of a war zone. But escape comes with a price: Nikola must face the possibility of leaving, and perhaps never again seeing, his mother and younger sister.  

  • Year
  • Runtime
    24 minutes
  • Director
    Sabina Vajraca
  • Screenwriter
    Sabina Vajraca
  • Producer
    Wes Akwuobi, Miles Alva
  • Co-Producer
    Sara Alize Cross
  • Cast
    Mira Furlan, Leona Paraminski, Trent Walker, Gigi Papasavvas, Goran Ivanovski, Areeta Asgharzadeh, Kurt Grelak, Alexandru Achindinov, Nirvan Patnaik, Melissa Celikovic, Shawn Pan, Alexandra Lorenzo, Lucan Alto Stargiotti, Abby Suder, Sam Brandel, Merima Turcinhodzic, Erica Wein, Ena Catic, Haris Turcinhodzic, Jaik Suri, Amila Kapetanovic
  • Cinematographer
    Eugene Koh
  • Editor
    Thomas Mendolia
  • Production Design
    Joyanna Hatcher
  • Music
    Dika Chartoff