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Curated by Shorts Program Director Judith Dack, our first shorts program takes us around the world, opening with the cinematographer’s wide lens as the story of a boy and a goat evading the Nazis across the Ukrainian landscape unfolds. Our next sweeping landscape places the viewer in the car of a complicated Jewish family traveling through the vast Israeli desert en route to a hilarious situation. Next stop Argentina 1931 where the great chess masters of the world have convened as WW II unfolds stranding them there, forcing brilliant configurations. Meantime a young Israeli man can barely get a new chess set he ordered delivered in this day and age. The second half of this program follows a bi-racial girl as she navigates her bat mitzvah with her divorced parents. Next a grieving father, in need of a job, gets to assist God and help others launch their prayers through the “accepted” letters arriving at the Jerusalem Post Office. We end with a comical resolution as a jilted young woman spreads her love letters all over the streets of her Israeli hometown.

With great gratitude to our sponsor, Judith Dack.

Overview of Shorts Program

Mum's Hairpins

20 minutes

English subtitles


9 minutes

Hebrew (English subtitles)

40 Chess Boards

18 minutes

Spanish with Yiddish (English subtitles)

Thank you for Buying Chess America

10 minutes

Hebrew and English (English subtitles)

Broken Bird

10 minutes


Letters to God

15 minutes

Hebrew and English (English subtitles)

Pop 30

18 minutes

Hebrew (English subtitles)