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Stream began March 12, 2021 2:00 AM UTC
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Curated by Shorts Program Director Judith Dack, the journey of our second shorts program opens with a wide sweeping lens of the barren Israeli desert where a Palestinian day worker traverses many challenges as he tenaciously and surprisingly locates food for his family. Next, a Christian, a Muslim, and a Jewish baker find connection together by baking bread for healing and peace in this heart-warming documentary. Through animation, we are transported to the Cinema Rex where a shared love of the movies challenges the otherwise forbidden friendship of a girl who speaks Arabic and a boy who speaks Hebrew. Set in England, amongst tables overflowing with a generous spread of Sephardi holiday foods, an Iraqi Jewish family is not so generous in their approval of their son’s non-Jewish British girlfriend attempting conversion. Post-Holocaust trauma complicates the days of a young mother, her daughter, and the British housekeeper they fondly employ. Next, Harry will do anything to convince Mr. Cohen that he cannot live without his daughter but large knives may be better off left in the kitchen. Our next film continues the themes of Sephardi family, this time with a hilarious Bukarian grandmother focused on a small knife and delicacies not usually consumed. We close with an Israeli girl, about to become a bat mitzvah, who must experience preparatory rituals that can only be facilitated by the random comical women found in the local beauty parlor. As her upper lip transforms, the audience's lips are left smiling.

With great gratitude to our sponsor, Judith Dack.

Overview of Shorts Program


15 minutes

Arabic and Hebrew (English subtitles)

Flour & Water: A Baker's Peace

9 minutes

French and English

Cinema Rex

9 minutes

Hebrew, English, and Arabic (English subtitles)

The Outer Circle

13 minutes



14 minutes


Harry Kiri

6 minutes



18 minutes

Hebrew (English subtitles)

Upper Lip

6 minutes