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We put a call out for filmmakers living in Herefordshire, Powys, Shropshire and Worcestershire and, despite the lockdowns, were delighted to receive almost 30 entries. Untypically, the majority this year came from women – a cause for celebration. 

VIDEO GAME                               Dir: Rezi Whitlock

It's about a video game player. With a spin. (1:14 minutes}

PASSING THROUGH          Dir: Clive Myer/Lynda Myer-Bennett

A metaphysical journey with her/him/they. In Passing Through the idea of travel and tourism take on a deeper meaning when English voices penetrate each other's personal space, colliding with deteriorating social spaces and sounds in the US Gulf Coast and New Orleans.              (9:45 minutes)

THE FERAL TALES TRILOGY #2         Dir: Estelle van Warmelo

Butcher’s Alley - Inspired by creative submissions from followers of Feral Productions during the initial Covid-19 lockdown in the UK, the tales are interconnected through themes of death, portent and a flavour of the supernatural.                                               (4:05 minutes)

MY LIFE FOR A HAIRCUT                   Dir: Frances Bicker

A short, partly-animated video based loosely on the story of Trwch Trwyth. This was a 3-week project for a college brief, made on iPad.                                  (2:13 minutes)

PIERRE IS BORED                          Dir: Rebekah Thurston

Inspired by the juxtaposition of an eccentric character in a mundane environment. Pierre represents a physical manifestation of my loneliness, anxiety and paranoia during lockdown. When I gave these feelings a face and a presence, I found it much easier to address and deal with them and in a way I've learned to love and accept Pierre as an aspect of my personality and I like to think there's a little bit of a Pierre inside everyone.                          (2:27 minutes)

FATHER’S DAZE                                 Dir: Brian Becker

Inspired by true events in 1994, Father’s Daze exposes the additional pressures exerted by the Child Support Agency on one family dealing with the consequences of marital breakdown. Following enormous public protests, the Child Support Agency was axed in 2006 and replaced with a revised system, which is still controversial today.                 (4:27 minutes) 

WASTED YOUTH             Dir: Hattie Young/Ellie Lancaster 

Along a reoccurring timeline a typical youth is drawn to contemplation on a journey of continuity.  A reoccurring timeline holds this youth continuously captive along their deliberative search to their primary nature.    (4:25 minutes) 


I EXIST ON THE INTERNET                       Dir: Amble Drew

We exist in a human body, but what would it mean to live through an artificial, digital body? I Exist On The Internet examines ideas around artificial intelligence and digital consumption in an ever-evolving online environment to create a fluid overlap between fantasy and reality.   (3:00 minutes)

ISOLATION                                Dir: Jack Shepherd

A short film about a masked character dealing with the feelings of isolation based upon the initial lockdown                                                        (3:24 minutes) 

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