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Deep within the oldest desert in the world, the Namib, there exists the world's only desert lions. They have many outstanding hunting skills and have mysteriously existed separated from the world for centuries. But, starting in the 1970's, because of poaching their global population dropped to only twenty, nearing extinction. But, one Namibian scientist, Philip Standar, Ph.D, invested thirty years of research and conservation, finally bringing this precious species back from the edge of extinction. Now, the lions number 130.

Philip Standar's extraordinary and unprecedented conservation plan was awarded the Zoological Society of London's (ZSL) highest prize for conservation science, the Huxley Award. But, just as before, the desert lions are in extreme crisis and need the protection of the people of the world.

After spending an entire year communicating, our team finally became the first Asian team to receive permission to enter this world national heritage, the Namib Desert, to film the Desert Lion Project. Because the setting is a barren desert without any traces of humanity, the team had to overcome many challenges, including extreme dryness, scorching heat, and sandstorms. The leading role in the documentary was played by carnivorous big cats. Even though they're collared, they were still hidden among the dunes and deep within canyons, areas extremely difficult for people with cars to find and film.

With the principle of not disturbing the animals and under the professional guidance of a scientist, the team tracked the lions for a long period before finally filming two lionesses working together to hunt ostriches, thus becoming the first film crew in the entire world to completely record the desert lions' intelligent cooperation. The unique footage was first uploaded to an official conservation website, attracting requests for its use from BBC Earth and BBC Natural History Unit.

Thanks to this program, we were able to experience the extraordinary intelligence and feeling possessed by wildlife existing in this world and pass on the story of the ever perseverant desert lions and a lifetime of conservation work. Let us awaken in time to give wildlife a place to exist and allow the fable of the desert kings to continue on.

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    Shu, Meng-Lan
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    Shu, Meng-Lan
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    Shu, Meng-Lan