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After you watch the program, check out the Q&A with five of the filmmakers(*) on the Brattle's YouTube channel: GRRL HAUS Q&A

New from our friends at GRRL HAUS CINEMA – a curation collective that focuses on work made by women, non-binary, genderqueer, and trans people – LET'S HAVE A PARTY! is a curated shorts program centered on parties, dancing, music, dating, and socializing. All the activities that existed freely before the pandemic. The good and the bad sides to it all.

This program comes complete with multiple music videos and experimental films that will get your eyes mesmerized and your body moving with punk, rap, techno, electronic, noise, pop and rock.

Short films about the perils and excitement of dating. A documentary on six women who form a band and the band's political journey through performance. Films that explore the hard realities and negative aspects of the club scene. And films that explore the positive elements, with a glimpse into the magic of a queer dance party.

Content Warning from Grrl Haus: Our curation is centered on various aspects of the “party”. Both the good and negative. We have included ALL GOOD (ALLES EASY), a film that may be hard for viewers to watch, as it deals with rape. We believe it’s important that these difficult subjects are heard, seen and not ignored. ALL GOOD tells the story of a young woman who has to find herself in the chaos of shame, hurt, and rising anger after an incident among 'friends'.


OH SH*T! - Elsa van Damke

Tequila Acid Party - Liesbeth Eeckman, Joel Rabijns

Flourish - Heather María Ács*

Tormento - Nunofyrbeeswax - Maren Sosada

All Good (Alles Easy) - Luisa Ricar

The Sound of Sinking Ships - Oona Taper*

Lowfy - Ksenia Bilyk, Simon Guder

Wrong Direction - Signe Rosenlund-Hauglid*

Blood - Guerrilla Davis, Adonis Emory, Sammay Dizon*

Go Easy On Me - Kyra Garéy

Appetite - Xuemeng Li, Katrin Larissa Kasper*

GRRL HAUS CINEMA is an ongoing program of short films and video art made by women, non-binary, genderqueer, and trans people. A mix of local, national, and international artists present work from a variety of disciplines: narrative, documentary, experimental, and conceptual. With an emphasis on low budget and DIY, GRRL HAUS is a space for underrepresented voices in the arts today.




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