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GRRL HAUS CINEMA is an ongoing program of short films and video art made by women, non-binary, trans and genderqueer artists. A mix of local, national, and international artists present work from a variety of disciplines: narrative, documentary, experimental, and conceptual. With an emphasis on low budget and DIY, GRRL HAUS is a space for underrepresented voices in the arts today.

This curation is a spotlight on Berlin talent and features shorts films and video art by filmmakers who are located in Berlin Germany.

Berlin is an international city with an expansive and diverse art community; and GRRL HAUS is thrilled to share these powerful films to a wide audience.

13 short films by Berlin filmmakers:

BECOMING - Belen Resnikowski, 2:35

A tribute to women through history, its sensuality, struggle and knowledge, to be water to be air, to become woman.

CREAM - Kelsey Gillis & Robbert Kornel de Koning, 13:12

While shooting on location in Berlin, a young woman reconnects with her estranged sister, unearthing the trauma that led to their rift.

EVA - Julia Feige, 5:09

EVA examines codes and dependencies in the fashion world and shows the gradual process of objectification. The perspective of camera and the "male gaze" merge referring to traditions in art history.


“Violence Against Women - a non-exhaustive presentation” is a video directed and edited by Hannah Kugel, where she uses archive footage to convey the permanence of feminist struggles and contradicts the commentators who dare to regard feminism as a contemporary phenomenon or, worse, a fad.

NOT YOUR ORDINARY SISTER - Maša Zia Lenárdič & Anja Wutej, 4:20

''Not Your Ordinary Sister'' is a queer satire which, in a witty yet direct way, addresses both the startling popularity of lesbian vampire films as well as the lack of proper representation in queer cinema on the subject of queerness within the conservative and patriarchal religious organizations (lesbian nuns / lesbian ex-nuns).

THE APPEARANCE - Heinrich Horwitz & Rosa Wernecke, 7:26

A mythical figure appears in Berlin on a horse. The timetravelling Amazon could be as well coming from the future and the past and most likely from both. On their ride through the city they is calling on other Amazons to follow their queer-feminist fight.

QUARANTINE - Alysha Si, 4:03

In the midst of a pandemic (COVID), a curfew has been placed in the city. No one is allowed to meet one another, and they can only go out to get groceries. Depression and loneliness kick into her life. She starts to hallucinate things and wonders if anything is real. Quarantine is an unexpected nightmare.

SPATIUM - Femme Fraktale, 4:25

Revisiting the concept of space, from the etymology of the word: Space: from lat. spatium, maybe der. of patēre «be open». Considering space as a delimited room

How did you live reality during quarantine? How did you perceive the limited space around you?

WHY IT TAKES TIME JUST TO GO SOMEWHERE - Svenja Schäfer, Ciara-Angela Mission Engelhardt & Inga-Marie Heidi Tekukwitha Ruxton, 19:15

Is Kosovo an island somewhere in the middle of Europe? What is an island anyways?

In »Why It Takes Time Just To Go Somewhere« thirteen experts from Kosovo talk with us about islands and isolation.


This video started off as a photographic work, concentrating on the way layered clothing interferes with the body. As a result, the video also explores why taking these layers off can be experienced as an act of reconnection with the self.

LAKUNE - Hoang Quynh Nguyen, 4:05

The portrait of two young women – a loving team that complements each other with all their habits and rituals like two puzzle pieces. This is a declaration of love of a couple – a snapshot of their present and a speculation about our future, because what could happen if a piece of the puzzle is suddenly taken away?

TWO SIMPLE LETTERS - Miljana Nikovic, 2:34

Concept Vocal and visual poem on the joys of online dating during the first lockdown.

BEE - Emily Hagen, 20:00

A chance meeting between young muslim woman Nadia and white working class boy Bradley in post arena attack Manchester. Can social and cultural conflict stand between them or does love triumph?

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