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Discussion and Q&A with filmmakers and cast, including Laniado brothers (Jos and Claudio), Judi Beecher, and Gabriel Bologna .

Director - Gabriel Bologna

Before Gabriel Bologna’s career as a writer/director, he was an accomplished actor for fifteen years, working with such film directors as Francis Ford Coppola and Mark Rydel. He was discovered by James Burrows while attending New York University Tisch and was flown out to Universal Studios to star in the ABC series, “The Marshall Chronicles”, where he played loveable tough guy, Jonny Parmetko. The New York Times reviewed Gabriel’s role as “a brilliant Fonzi redux specimen”. Though it only ran a season, the show has been immortalized on Wikipedia as being the impetus for Larry David changing the name “The Seinfeld Chronicles” to “Seinfeld” as to not compete with Gabriel’s show which had been launched at the exact same time.

Jos Laniado,(one of the two Laniado brothers) writer, producer, and main lead actor of Tango Shalom - Jos Laniado is an Obie awarded, multi-lingual actor recognized around the world.Living in many countries such as Egypt, Argentina, France, Italy and Brazil, has allowed him to learn the 6 languages he currently speaks along with the plethora of cultures that have shaped his persona. As just a young boy, he quickly went from living life in a wealthy family to a poor one. After having an elite life in Egypt, his whole family was expelled from it. Since then, there was always a struggle with one obstacle after another. They became Jewish refugees,wandering around the world. His dad, Ezra, owned his own import-export textile business in Egypt, but when they were expelled from Egypt, he had trouble finding a decent job. In Argentina, he became a vacuum cleaner salesman, and Jos was a shoe-shiner. His mom, Emma, was a beautician trying to make it.They went to Florida first to try to make a living. Then, they ended up in New York when his uncle David offered Ezra a job as an electronic salesman. Jos went to a high school in Queens. Since he always played soccer in Egypt and Argentina, he was the highest scorer in his high school team and eventually went to College to study education and play soccer as well. 

Claudio Laniado (one of the two Laniado brothers) - actor, screenwriter, producer of Tango Shalom. Claudio Laniado is a Sephardic Jew of Syrian/Tunisian/Greek/Turkish//Italian, and Spanish origin. The Laniado brothers (Jos and Claudio) and their parents were born in Egypt and lived thru the rise of anti-semitism which was propagated in Egypt. As a toddler, Claudio also fled Egypt with his family as Jewish refugees who traveled slowly through Europe, and arrived in Argentina. Claudio only remembers his childhood as a fun time and felt protected by his family. He was not aware of what happened in Egypt nor the poverty that his family was going through till much later in life. The Laniado brothers are second cousins related to Lucette Lagnado who wrote the book The Man In The White Sharkskin Suit, in which some of the Laniado family members were mentioned, and give a glimpse to life in Egypt and the eventual exit from it.

Judi Beecher, main female lead, of Tango Shalom - Judi Beecher, a native New Yorker, is a multi-award winning international actress, singer-songwriter and filmmaker. In her latest role in the feature Tango Shalom, Judi plays the role of Raquel Yehuda, the loving traditional Hasidic Mother of five whose life is turned upside down over night when her husband tells her that the Almighty has told him he must dance the Tango in a televised dance competition to save his Hebrew school. The film takes place in the Hasidic community of Crown Heights in Brooklyn (where Beecher spent time preparing for her role.) . On television, she recurred on the "Bold and theBeautiful," and "As the World Turns" as well as on "Law and Order," "Jag," "The Shield" and "Once and Again." Furthermore, Judi has starred, both on camera and off camera in dozens of TV and radio commercials. Judi is also well known for her voice-over and motion capture work in Sony's highly acclaimed video game,"Heavy Rain," where she performed the popular lead character Madison Paige, as well as on the popular children's anime TV series, "Digimon." In 2013, she was recognized by the magazine, The Complex, as one of the "25 Best Voice Over Performances of All Time." Judi also produced and starred in the Romantic Comedy, "Only in Paris" in which she received Best Actress, Best Romantic Comedy, and Best Short Film at both the New York International and Los Angeles International Independent Film and Video Festivals in 2011. In addition, in 2013 she was nominated Best Supporting Actress at the Saint Tropez International Film Festival for her role in the feature film, "The Warrior and The Savior." Judi's talents were also showcased when she starred in a short film at the Cannes Film Festival- "Perfect Pitch," which won Best Film.

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