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A young man is accused of raping a young woman.

Beloved French-British actress Charlotte Gainsbourg stars alongside her son Ben Attal in this timely and thought-provoking drama. Alexandre (Attal), a bright 22-year-old student, is accused of raping Mila, the daughter of his mother’s (Gainsbourg) boyfriend. Whereas Alexandre is determined to prove his innocence, Mila fights to be heard: a case of his truth against hers. The conflict between Alexandre’s sense of being treated unfairly and Mila’s complex feelings about sex, influenced by her Orthodox Jewish upbringing, makes it near impossible to reach a clear verdict. Based on a best-selling novel of the same name, The Accusation is an engrossing #MeToo drama, exploring the murky side of human behaviour.

The Farels are a power couple: Jean is a prominent French pundit and his wife Claire an essayist known for her radical feminism. Together they have a model son, Alexandre, who is a student at a prestigious American university. During a brief visit to Paris, Alexandre meets Mila, the daughter of his mother’s new partner, and invites her to a party. The next day, Mila files a complaint against Alexandre for rape, destroying family harmony and setting in motion an inextricable media-judicial machine that posits opposing truths.

With rigorous craft and intellect, French-Israeli writer-director Yvan Attal tackles the gray areas of human behavior and truth.

Film contains strong and explicit sexual references.

Sponsored by Paula Baker & Michael Ponser and Fran & Art Siegel.  

  • Year
  • Runtime
    138 minutes
  • Language
    French w/subtitles
  • Country
  • Premiere
    Palm Beach County
  • Director
    Yvan Attal
  • Screenwriter
    Yvan Attal, Yaël Langmann
  • Producer
    Yvan Attal, Olivier Delbosc
  • Executive Producer
    Christine De Jekel
  • Cast
    Ben Attal, Suzanne Jouannet, Charlotte Gainsbourg
  • Cinematographer
    Rémy Chevrin
  • Editor
    Albertine Lastera
  • Production Design
    Samuel Deshors