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Queen of the Morning Calm

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Available August 17, 2021 4:00 AM UTC
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Debra is a 29 year old Korean stripper-mom who’s always lived at the mercy of men. Told by a fortune-teller that her destiny is to find her true love, Debra is obsessed with holding on to the Sarge, a lost puppydog and gambler who’s never found his feet in civilian life. The rival for his affection is her tough-as-nails 9-year-old daughter Mona, an oddball and collector of random things. Mona is witness to Debra and the Sarge’s dance of damage. One day when her sitter goes missing, Debra is forced to take Mona with her to the strip club. Her boss finds out and fires her in a rage. Out of sheer desperation, Debra begs a woman at an employment agency to help her and her daughter and gets an interview for an intern position at an accounting firm. But on the day of the interview, her daughter is suspended from school for fighting with some girls who tease her about her mom being a stripper, and the Sarge takes off with all the money she’s saved. Debra has to take Mona with her to the interview. Angry at her mom, Mona sabotages her interview and the two are escorted off the premises. Unable to pay the rent, they’re locked out of their apartment and end up wandering the streets. They are rescued by Ian, an older neighbor with a tragic past. He’s the owner of the pawnshop and he’s long had a crush on Debra. He gives her a job and tends to the feral Mona, mending her broken wings, a present from the erstwhile Sarge. Just when it seems the two are settling, the Sarge re-appears, charistmatic, wounded and determined to win them back. Debra is torn between what she knows is best for herself, and what Mona thinks is best for them. Queen of the Morning Calm is a transformative love story about a mother and daughter and their journey of self-empowerment.

  • Year
  • Runtime
    88 minutes
  • Language
    English, Korean
  • Country
  • Premiere
  • Director
    Gloria Ui Young KIm
  • Screenwriter
    Gloria Ui Young KIm
  • Producer
    Gloria Ui Young KIm
  • Cast
    Tina Jung, Eponine Lee, Jesse LaVercombe, Shaun Benson, Zahra Bentham