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Blue Laces

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It's the end of junior year for gang members Chili, Mia, and Tracey. They cruise along a picturesque street on the Northside of Long Beach, when Chili spots fellow classmate Kiki, crying on a park bench. The three teens park their bikes and reveal that Kiki's brother has just been murdered at the hands of the police. A compassionate Chili walks over to Kiki and joins her on the bench revealing that she too lost her brother in a similar way. Chili offers her friendship to Kiki in the form of joining the crip gang. Kiki accepts and is jumped in. The four teens form a close bond over the summer. Chili and Kiki become even closer. At the beginning of their senior year, Kiki reveals that she may apply to college but doesn't have enough money to pay for the application fees. Chili isn't a fan of Kiki leaving them for college but reluctantly offers to get the money to help pay for her application fees. They visit Tutti Mac in hopes of getting weed to sell to come up with the money but when they arrive, Tutti Mac reveals that the cops raided the spot and he doesn't have any product. Chili comes up with another plan to rob an acquaintance to get the money for Kiki's application fees. Kiki isn't fond of the idea In an unexpected move, the teens jump Kiki out of the gang and she and Chili share an emotional goodbye.

  • Year
  • Runtime
    13 minutes
  • Country
    United States
  • Premiere
  • Director
    Britt Banks
  • Screenwriter
    Britt Banks
  • Producer
    Alicia Agramonte, Fetle Negash, Richard E. Haywood
  • Cast
    Shan Moreno, Cheyenne Washington, Briana Hamilton, Ria Unique, Stephen Barrington