Cadence: Video Poetry Festival 2021

Uncanny Intermingling

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What could be said when the happiest night of your life becomes an unwelcome nightmare?
I dream a queer allegory Intro - Video by Poets Award
I dream a queer allegory
A collaborative video poem made for "I dream a queer allegory" from the collection, Bad Ideas, 2017, Nightwood Editions.
Dream Delivery
An exhausted delivery driver sprawls on the bench of a roadside park and drifts off. In his dream, workers gather together in a Shanzhai (imitation goods) park, where they stop to pose as statues.
The Analysis
A video poem about the bad taste of words.
Bass Pro Shop
"Bass Pro Shop" is the second film collaboration between poet Chet Weise and filmmakers Doug Lehmann and Poni Silver. It illustrates Weise’s poem, originally published by Peach Magazine, by casting Weise as an astronaut, traveling to our moon to gain new perspective on his surroundings back home.
No Leaders Please
Works by political artists Basquiat, Banksy, Haring, and Ai Weiwei are brought into conjunction with Charles Bukowski's poem of self-invention, "No Leaders Please."
Untitled, 2017 (Cím nélkül, 2017)
A hypnotic video poem based on text by Szabó T. Anna.
Closed captions available
A Blessing All My Own
Claudia Castro Luna and Angela Lemus-Mogrovejo present their collaborative poem "A Blessing All My Own."
Holidays #4 & #5
A collaborative video poem by participants in the festival workshop, Animated Poetry with Neely Goniodsky, using ground coffee and stop-motion animation techniques set to Anastacia-Reneé’s poetry.
The story of love in its newest form, untainted by expectation.
On the Couch With My Depression
Full of excited anticipation, a poet plans to go to a book party. Then along comes depression. A film about yearning simply to be able to brush your teeth and leave the house.
Closed captions available
an excerpt of Resilience (Suns)
A meditation on time, spheres, and parabolic journeys.
"Liberty" looks within the safety and space of a relationship at how culture can be held creatively or destructively within the body.

** Co-presented with the Romanian Film Festival Seattle, curated by American Romanian Cultural Society **

Video poetry presents an opportunity for the artistic disciplines to join in an uncanny intermingling. This screening is a place for the weird, awkward, and unreal to dialogue freely. Pieces in this selection mix media, languages, identities, and topics into an inspiring melange for the senses.

What could be said when the happiest night of your life becomes an unwelcome nightmare?

  • Year
  • Runtime
    1 minutes
  • Language
    English, with no subtitles or captions
  • Country
    United States
  • Note
    Poet: Jamie Wimberly
  • Director
    Marquelle Young
  • Producer
    Marquelle Young
  • Cast
    Cindy Rogers , Blake Bodden
  • Cinematographer
    Angelica Perez