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A man and a woman. A first contact after a long break up.
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This film is a reflective audiovisual collage of images and sounds that have never met and were never supposed to meet.
A Reading From the Book of Regenesis
The first of a series of short films from The Fire Cycle — an interdisciplinary work comprising poems, music, film, and visual art.
A Spark Catches
Excerpts from Jade Lascelles's book The Inevitable pair with images of climate crisis and individual isolation to outline certain dichotomies of serenity and destruction, passion and violence, that manifest in both nature and desire.
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The moon appears (La luna asoma)
Liquid, digital animation lends another dimension to Federico García Lorca's already mysterious and multidimensional poem "La luna asoma (The moon appears)."
There are Still Owls, There is Still Night
A poetic exploration of temporal cognitive effects of climate change--what becomes visible as things disappear.
A love poem using the Voyager Space mission as metaphor.
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As an experiment in re-expressing the past with tools from the future, this short film uses AI to read Percy percy Bysshe Shelley's "Ozymandias" and generate new photographs from the words of the verses.
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The Facts
A love poem disguised as a video poem disguised as a recitation of extraneous facts.
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Kiss Me
A poetic and immersive voyage into the growing world of plants to rediscover love and explore how to re-entangle ourselves with nature's sentience and beauty.
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Peace Piece
Responding to a curated cocktail of positive, harmonious keywords ("pacifism," "empathy," "sisterhood," etc.), Emily Dickinson's phrase "I many times thought Peace had come," and assorted other artistic input, this film is entirely co-created with artificial intelligence.
Poems for an Aeolian Harp or Paintings for the wind
A collaborative video poem by participants in the festival workshop, Animated Poetry with Neely Goniodsky, set to Seattle Civic Poet Shin Yu Pai’s poem "Poems for an Aeolian Harp or Paintings for the wind". These poems were originally published in Virga (Empty Bowl, 2021).
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A poetic kaleidoscopic meditation on the irrepressible awe of being.
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In this adaptation of Georg Leß's "Anderkatt (The Haircut)," two women converse through an uncanny amalgam of images and soundscapes. One is on an expedition; the other follows the expedition's progress from afar.
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refrigerator hum
Experiments in reanimating intergenerational, collective memory.
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A poetics of enmeshment told via climate crises, love letters, and AI interventions confronts the intertwining of humans, technology, and emotion. This showcase sets neural networks alight; dissonant exchanges open pathways to awe and creative agency.

(42 min TRT)

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** Co-presented with Alliance Française de Seattle, American Romanian Cultural Society, Hugo House, Interbay Cinema Society, Seattle Asian American Film Festival, Seattle City of Literature, Seattle Office of Arts & Culture, Taiwan Studies Arts & Culture Program at the University of Washington, Taiwanese Association of Greater Seattle, and The 3rd Thing **

A man and a woman. A first contact after a long break up.

** Co-presented with Alliance Française de Seattle and Interbay Cinema Society! **

  • Year
  • Runtime
    4 minutes
  • Language
    French, with English subtitles
  • Country
  • Premiere
    US Premiere
  • Note
    Poet: Bryam Kinkela
  • Director
    Bryam Kinkela
  • Producer
    Bryam Kinkela
  • Cast
    Andrea Ngamouyi, Stella Polomack
  • Editor
    Bryam Kinkela
  • Composer
    Bryam Kinkela
  • Sound Design
    Bryam Kinkela