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Chinatown Diptych
American poet Jenny Xie performs her poem "Chinatown Diptych" while roaming the scenes and textures of New York City's Chinatown.
Spun from chambered secrets and texts read under the full moon, this essay film / experimental documentary / video poem about gender decay explores contradictions of masculinity and the feminine threshold.
Wolf Lake - Bachinsky version
In a dramatized narrative written and told by Canadian poet Elizabeth Bachinsky, a young woman speaks of her ordeal at Wolf Lake against the lush backdrop of the Coast Mountains of British Columbia.
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A house, a body, a wildish thing
A house, a body, a wildish thing serves as an invitation to participate in sensory recollection and investigation of duality in the human experience, by leaning into the curious and whimsical.
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Seven year old Eve runs away with the bejeweled key to the King's castle, only to get lost - but with the help of a strange guiding force, she finds that she can build a castle of her own.
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The river (Ріка)
A lyrical reflection by a Ukrainian woman who finds herself on the riverbank and remembers her home and her family on the other side. "The river" is about realizing oneself in a new space, feeling the spirit of ancestors, and rethinking the experience of the ongoing war.
Desert Poems
"Desert Poems" is a film built around a poem by Sami Miranda that speaks to objects left in the desert by migrants crossing into the US.
Les corps aqueux
"Les corps aqueux" is an experimental film that explores gender identity outside the binary. By constructing a theatrical space comprised of designed sets, staged radio interviews, found footage vignettes, and overlays, it explores the relationship between the body and the self. Inside that space, uncertainty is finally allowed to exist.
Postcard home from English Bay - Chainsmoking Seagulls
Just a normal day at English Bay.
How to Make an ASMR Dumpling
This film invites immigrants with Asian heritage to join an immersive ASMR cooking show in which participants make dumplings together. It is part of an ongoing project called "From Scratch: Tasting the Tenderness in Food Production," whose aim is to bring awareness to the often diminished labor of immigrants, as well as provide space for healing from the trauma of the global pandemic.
Identity Portraits
Three short portrait films that weave together spoken word and visual form to reflect the identity, joy, and power of individuals from the transgender and nonbinary community.
Her Plot of Blue Sky
Centering a group of women who reside in a care home in a small market town of Sefrou, Morocco, "Her Plot of Blue Sky" is a record of one of the days the women were seen using the cameras. Woven into their narratives is Rachida Madani’s poem, "Tales of a Severed Head."

Simultaneously the products of our lineage, environment, and interactions, we miraculously retain our individual edges. How can we integrate all our identities as essential to the whole? How does miming past generations feed our future selves? How will we transcend fantasies to build a castle of our own? Through a translator, an immigrant, a tourist, a voicemail, a fairytale, and others, these video poems ask: how, and how often, do we (re)make ourselves?

(73 min TRT)

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Header photo & showcase title credit: Les corps aqueux, dir. Filémon Brault-Archambeault

American poet Jenny Xie performs her poem "Chinatown Diptych" while roaming the scenes and textures of New York City's Chinatown.

  • Year
  • Runtime
    3 minutes
  • Language
  • Country
    United States
  • Premiere
    West Coast Premiere
  • Subtitle Language
    with no subtitles or captions
  • Director
    DIR. Jean Coleman // POEM Jenny Xie
  • Producer
    Adrian Brinkerhoff Poetry Foundation, 92nd Street Y's Unterberg Poetry Center
  • Cast
    Jenny Xie