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Table for One
A relationship comes to a boil and then ends; in mind, if not in fact.
on a bus (around men)
Dormant thoughts always remember there is a surface to return to as a body rattles between the points of somewheres. A recollage and overlay of recollection because at worst, a mind can always wander on a bus, on a train, a ferry…
Post-performance (Pós-performance)
"Post-performance" is an audiovisual study on the excessive production and archiving of digital images produced by contemporary human beings.
An animation in collaboration with poet Sherre Vernon and her poem "Griefsong," an echo of the memory of her late brother.
The Bridge
A conceptual short film adaptation of "The Bridge," by Seattle poet Gabrielle Bates.
Black currants
A soft, split-screen montage of still photos jostles blossoms against a wintry poem from Echo Park Film Center’s Haiku You workshop.
The Climate Change Volumes: Spring
Pondering the transformations we are seeing in the mountains and their surrounding ecosystems as our climate warms, "Climate Change Volumes: Spring" laments the changes in our spring season as glaciers recede and snow – our summer water source – melts faster than it ever has before.
The apple and the tree
An encounter between a poet and a man who runs a grocery store in Sweden results in a poem about sacrifice, when family life and work life are woven together.
It's Christmastime in the city, and one man has all the time in the world in this poetic rumination on wasted time.
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The poetry film "Only," based on the book by Rebecca Foust, is literal (her son was born with an APGAR 1 score, not breathing for a few minutes until he was resuscitated with a hand pump), metaphorical (many people discount the lives and experiences of people on the autism spectrum), and also surreal. Filmed on the coastline with intense exposure to the elements, this work highlights the experiences of those othered in our society.
Close Spaces
In light of a public health crisis that encouraged isolation and distance, "Close Spaces" utilizes African American vernacular English (AAVE) to highlight and exalt the intimate and confined spaces that drive the genuine, everyday connections that are necessary for humanity.
Closed captions available
Hidden Life
This cinepoem explores code-switching, cultural humility, and hidden complexities that lay behind simple stories of joy, trauma, and wonder rooted in the perpetual summer of Houston, as seen by one born here and by one who fled to here from atrocities in her wintry native land.
A collaborative video poem by participants in the festival workshop, Risograph Animated Poetry Workshop with Zine Hug, set to Dao Strom’s poem “POEM OF POEM TITLES FOR 'DAYS OF THE WEEK'”.
This One Thing
Filmed onsite at King County Recology's Material Recovery Facility in Seattle during a four-month stint as artist in residence. The MRF is a curiosity: a site ripe for anthropological digs, offering a continual parade of infinitely mucky, diverse, commingled materials that form a collective portrait of desire, consumption, and willful forgetting. Along the route of the behemoth sorting machine, where humans pick out contaminants by hand, there is a place where paper waste is shuffled along: faded family photos, handwritten homework, Valentines and love letters, postcards and pornography. This film is about one such thing.
Reading the Body: Recovery
Dancers create original choreography based on poetry about recovery, set to original music, and highlighted with ASL interpretation in this co-production of Bellevue Literary Review and The Paige Fraser Foundation.

This showcase is a raft in time’s glacial runoff. Watching these video poems, we are carried by a current of memory, lineage, and rebirth. Some of the works in this showcase alter linear time to revise inherited hurt or to recycle joy into new purpose. Others contain multiple realities—worlds where past trauma and future recovery exist in the tension of now, where the horrors of war share a line with clipping coupons. These pieces accept that the river of time is endless, that there are always possibilities for progress.

(65 min TRT)

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Header photo credit: Close Spaces, dir. Kamari Bright

Showcase title credit: Reading the Body: Recovery, dir. Danielle Ofri, Paige Fraser-Hoffman

A relationship comes to a boil and then ends; in mind, if not in fact.

  • Year
  • Runtime
    2 minutes
  • Language
  • Country
    United States
  • Premiere
    West Coast Premiere
  • Subtitle Language
    with English intertitles
  • Director
    DIR. Matt Mullins // POEM Carol Ann Palomba
  • Producer
    Matt Mullins