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Independent Filmmaking: Exploring the art & business of short films Q+A

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Stream began April 16, 2021 5:00 PM UTC
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Naomi van Niekerk is an experienced independent filmmaker with several festival awards under her belt. Kay Carmichael is an established and sought after storyboard artist. She is currently in production with her first short film; ‘Troll Girl’. 

Together they will discuss the highs and lows of projects, what personally motivates them to continue to make art and what inspires them.

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Mae Naomi van Niekerk yn wneuthurwr ffilmiau annibynnol profiadol sydd wedi ennill nifer o wobrau gŵyl. Mae Kay Carmichael yn artist bwrdd stori sefydledig a phoblogaidd. Mae ei ffilm fer gyntaf, 'Troll Girl', wrthi’n cael ei chynhyrchu.

Gyda'i gilydd byddant yn trafod y gorau a’r gwaethaf o’u prosiectau, yr hyn sy'n eu hysgogi'n bersonol i barhau i wneud celf, a'r hyn sy'n eu hysbrydoli.