Cultural Animation Film Festival 2021

CAFF 2021 Opening Night Animation Celebration & CAFF 2021 Panel: Cultural Animators: Bringing our Stories to Life

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A fun, family friendly collection of short animated films from around the world that are sure to make you smile. Screening with a blessing and hula kahiko by Kahu Pohaleo Loko’olu Quintero from The Hawaiian Church of Hawaii Nei and a special performance by Pacific Voices with an introduction from Innocenta Sound Kikku. Stayed tuned after the films for a panel discussion with select animators.

Film Lineup: 



Created by Cliff Kapono. Art direction by Matthew Kawika Ortiz, Michael Q. Ceballos. 5 min. Hawaiʻi. 

In 2021, surfing made its debut at the Tokyo Olympics in the waters of Tsurigasaki Beach without a dedicated Hawaiʻi Surf Team competing. If Duke Paoa Kahanamoku returned today, how would this Native Hawaiian Olympic swimming champion and Godfather of modern surfing feel about the absence of a Hawai‘i Surf Team at the 2020 Olympic Summer Games? MOHO asks this question through the lens of a young, Kanaka Maoli boy named ‘Apo when the ‘uhane (spirit) of Paoa returns to Waikīkī. 


Signs of Silence 

Created by Ella Quemuel Labrador. 1 min. Hawaiʻi. 

A true family of story of love during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. 


A Generation of Narcissists 

Directed by Jackie Phan. 5 min. Vietnam. 

A retelling of the infamous Greek myth of Narcissus—a man who fell in love with his own reflection. 



Directed by Boukef med Taher Shawki. 5 min. Algeria. 

A symbolic look into the unjust distribution of wealth in society.  


A Promise to the Moon 

Directed by Yu Yu. 7 min. Taiwan.  

Long, long ago, there were two suns in the sky. Before one could set, another one would rise. It was a world without night. Resolving to help his people, a Bunun Warrior takes his bow, his arrows, and his firstborn son to fight the sun. 


The Leopard Cat 

Directed by Chang, Yu-Ting. 3 min. Taiwan.  

This short film tells the story of the leopard cat as the only wild cat left in Taiwan since the Formosan clouded leopard’s final extinction in 2008. 


Doruntina's Besa 

Directed by Gentian Minga. 8 min. Albania. 

Constantin's Besa (Albanian: Besa e Kostandinit), is an Albanian ballad and legend. Albanian legends consider the concept of besa—a pledge of honor—as something exclusive to men and boys, but the besa can be honored by women and girls as well. In this UNDP (United Nations Development Program) Albania project, the legend is rewritten through a feminist lens based on a children’s book.  


Beyond the Trees 

Directed by Pierre Burgoni, Jordan Baudé, Julie Bijjou, Catharianne Ni. 5 min. France. 

Every day, a 7-year-old Indonesian boy performs a long trip to reach his destination on time. 


Mondays with Sari 

Directed by Tara H-Gs. 2 min. USA. 

A short documentary about a woman with aphasia. A student project from Concordia University. 



​Directed by Sak Miranda. 4 min. Brazil. 

Day-to-Day is the debut work of Brazilian animator, Sak Miranda.  


Dormo Poco e Sogno Molto: Espana Circo Este 

Directed by Paolo Santamaria. 4 min. Italy. 

A travel through imagination, finding a place called home. 



​Directed by Sıdıkanur Keskin. 1 min. Turkey. 

Derin, the only little child in a house, never leaves his favorite toy: the carousel.  



Directed by Kerem Yoruk. 4 min. Turkey. 

In a dystopic field where workers must pick up round shaped crops, a worker finds one that has an unusual shape. After meeting with another worker who found something similar, he realizes that he is not the only one and starts asking questions. 


Pua Warriors 

Directed by Sophia Whalen. 7 min. Hawaiʻi. 

Pua Warriors is an animated action film about magical girls Leilani, Ayaka, and Jasmine who need to prevent a sludge monster from destroying their hometown on Hawaiʻi island. 


The Infinite 

​Directed by Simone Massi​. 2 min. Italy. 

​Animation inspired by the poem The Infinite by Giacomo Leopardi. 


The Shape of the Land 

Directed by Phyllis Bulkin Lehrer. 6 min. USA. 

The Shape of the Land is an animated illustrated poetic text that uses words and images as well as voice to convey a personal philosophy. The 2-D animation is drawn frame-by-frame on a digital screen, but is done in the spirit of the direct drawing on film technique that was used by many animation pioneers. It is meant to be a visual work that functions as a painting in motion. 


A Walk in Void Country 

Directed by Marina Chaw. 2 min. Singapore. 

Walking through government housing in Singapore, one encounters various views of the so-called ground floor “Void Deck.” This film attempts to identify and share the director’s perceptions of this common feature of Singaporean neighborhoods. 


Only a Child 

By Simone Giampaolo. 7 min. Switzerland.  

Only a Child is a visual poem created by over 20 animation directors under the artistic supervision of Simone Giampaolo, which gives shape and color to the original words spoken by Severn Suzuki at the United Nations Summit in Rio in 1992, a child’s desperate call to action for the future of our planet. An omnibus film celebrating the environmental youth movement 30 years in the making. 



​Directed by Samuel Fardin Zarei. 2 min. Iran.  

The story is about a series of eggs, which one person wants to give way. 

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