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A fun, kid-friendly collection of short animated films from around the world that are sure to make keiki laugh, smile, dance and sing. 


Film Lineup: 



Produced by Gerilyn Snow Emata, Cyndi Mayo-Akeo, Michael Q. Ceballos. 2 min. Hawaiʻi. 

Meet the Peek-a-Bows! ʻAlani, Lena, and Poni are three colorful sisters that live in Ke Ānuenue (the rainbow). Whenever the keiki (children) of Hawaiʻi need assistance, they slide down the rainbow bringing fun, songs, adventure, and laughter along with their friends Uncle Huli the Kāhuli Snail, Maka the Hāʻukeʻukeʻulaʻula Sea Urchin, and Welo the Pueo. 

The Peek-a-Bows will help keiki sing, laugh, and learn how to work through any situation. Come along and join the fun! To learn more about the Peek-a-Bows, join us at the link below!  www.thepeekabows.com 


Kāhuli (Hawaiian Tree Snails) 

​​Directed by Phoenix Maimiti Valentine. 3 min. Hawaiʻi. 

Kāhuli, beloved Hawaiian land andt ree snails, once adorned native Hawaiian Forests abundantly. Over 750 species were documented through chants & folklore. Legends proclaim these tiny jewels would whistle, trill, and chirp. Today less than 40 species survive. 


Waterlogged Dog 

Directed by Ian Koski. 1 min. Hawaiʻi. 

Ian dog loves bodyboarding and gets barreled while his friends watch. 


Araw At Gabi 

​Directed by Jewel Racasa. 3 min. Hawaiʻi. 

The fiery and stubborn Apolaki, tries to take the Earth for himself, not wanting to share it with his obedient sister, Mayari. The siblings argue over ownership of the Earth leading to an all-out fistfight and chase sequence in space! Mayari gets badly injured from her brother’s attack causing a crack down her left eye. Guilty of his actions, Apolaki tries to mend his relationship with his sister. 


Boxing Day 

Directed by Gregory Edwards. 3 min. Jamaica. 

A special Boxing Day in Jamaica. 


Dancey Business 

Directed by Andy Cheung, Renz Rabadon. 5 min. UK. 

An office lady resisting her urges to dance out of her mundane life. Eventually breaking down from trying to maintain the social requirement, she finally decides she wants a change of pace. 


Cry of the Corals 

​Directed by Sakina Mandsaurwalla. 5 min. India. 

A short film about the importance of corals through the eyes of a young girl. 


Gifts from Animals 

Directed by Ke Tsu-Chien, Zhang Liren. 6 min. Taiwan. 

This is a story of Taiwan’s indigenous peoples. Many groups of people have their own legend of a flood disaster. This legend tells the story of their development and expansion. By the word-of-mouth passing of the story, they presented us with a legendary history where people were able to speak to the sun, animals and plants. 


Bolete Porcini Mushrooms 

​Directed by Léa Fabreguettes. 3 min. France. 

Picking mushrooms? It’s child’s play! 


Su Lechucita 

Directed by Molly Tapken. 3 min. USA. 

Based off the Mexican folklore of La Lechuza, a mother who can transform into a barn owl, takes care of her young son when he transforms for the first time, preparing him for his first flight. 



Directed by John R. Ryan. 9 min. USA. 

A sad little boy goes on about his sad little day. A bluebird flies into his life. Things start looking up. Joy follows them wherever they go. Suddenly, a dark turn down an unfamiliar path. Wait. How did I get here? Oh, I've said too much. Yep. Forget I said anything. Watch it, now! 


Caved In 

Directed by Michelle Tang. 3 min. USA. 

A girl struggling with artist’s block is forced to battle her inner demons. 


Beardy Bodo 

Directed by Регина Валеева. 4 min. Russia. 

Beardy Bodo—the best teacher in the world in his own opinion—is going to Altai to find an endangered snow leopard. Though Beardy knows nothing himself, with his extravagant and charming methods, he will teach kids how important it is to preserve nature, what reservations are used for and whether you need to dig snow to find a snow leopard. The film was created with the support of the Russian Geographical Community. 


Let’s Go to Japan! 

Directed by students of Think Tank Hawaiʻi. 7 min. Hawaiʻi. 

Kira has been eagerly awaiting her first trip to Japan, joined by her three best friends. Together, they find their favorite yukata (summer dress) and go to a festival. They discover new foods and games as they enjoy the celebration. Enchanted by the lanterns, Kira explores a different path. 


Animal Lover 

Directed by Anastasia Gurova. 1 min. UK. 

A young girl growing up in rural Russia searches for food for her favorite pet. 


Desde el norte de Argentina 

Directed by Aldana Loiseau. 5 min. Argentina. 

Argentinian musical interpretation through animation. 


Chanson sur une Seule Note 

​Directed by Caó Cruz Alves. 2 min. Brazil. 

Experimental animation made for Bossa Nova samba One Note Samba, sung in French by Marta Leão. 


Lucho Apa and the Soil 

Directed by Claudia Zavala. 11 min. Chile. 

Lucho Apa, the only "chulengo" in his herd, must venture through the Choapa valleys to form his own. Along the way, he will get to know northern landscapes, form solid friendships and discover that soil is not just dirt.  



Directed by Ornella Macchia, Gwendoline Gamboa, Margot Reumont, Lia Bertels. 3 min. Belgium. 

A small fire is crying into the night. Their friends, animals, and other funny creatures are trying to cheer them up by throwing a party with dances, toys, and cakes! 



Directed by Sachin Sahebrao Darwade. 7 min. India. 

In a world where pesticides rule the farm, a birdscarer firmly stands between fertile crops and a preying bird. Through a shocking turn of events, the birdscarer finds a great traditional alternative for farming. 


A Gray Goose – A Swan 

​Directed by Dilshat Rakhmatullin. 5 min. Kazakhstan. 

The animated project is part of a series of short 2D animated films based on Kazakh kuys (a traditional instrumental piece). Each film shows a plot of a piece of music, as well as mythological and folklore motifs that form the basis of Kazakh kuy. Unique sacred sound of folk instruments, deep content and vivid images of the animated films familiarize the audience with the rich culture of Kazakh people. 


Save Planet Earth 

Directed by Richard Wan Kum Wah. 3 min. Singapore. 

A singalong animated short about the environment. 

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