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On Clogger Lane is available to watch online from 24 February - 23 March.

After watching the film you can also watch a Q&A with Director, Andrew Black, hosted by Kitty Anderson (LUX Scotland) and recorded at CAMPLE LINE on Friday 23 February.

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On Clogger Lane is a new experimental documentary by Andrew Black. The film meanders through the Washburn Valley between Otley and Harrogate, exploring the infrastructures of capital on land overshadowed by a monstrous satellite surveillance station, submerged beneath reservoirs, haunted by accusations of witchcraft, and populated by the traces of generations of past inhabitants.

Incorporating conversations with farmers, antiquarians, dowsers, grandmothers, Quakers, landowners and communists alongside an improvisational score, ‘On Clogger Lane’ explores the meeting points of public and private, past and present, passiveness and protest, upon the same patch of ancient land.

"The film maps multiple human presences – from cup and ring marks to wind turbines, dilapidated mills, lost villages, military bases, quarries, mines, walls and fences – but, in holding all these layers together, it manages not to flatten them into one generalised ‘human’ trace. It remains at all times sensitive to the specific." - Tom Jeffreys, The Penitent Review

  • Year
  • Runtime
    60 minutes
  • Language
  • Subtitle Language
    English, SDH
  • Director
    Andrew Black