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Rio Rica
Join Rica Fulton on a journey down the Little Snake River. Our adventure begins by following Rica's involvement monitoring a controversial Wyoming water project and personally observe what is at stake by putting her own boat on the river. Rica takes us beyond common public access boat ramps, and introduces the viewer to a little-known tributary of the renowned Yampa River. We follow Rica searching for adventure, solitude, reward and revelation in the divine interconnectivity of watersheds.
San Marcos River Project
The San Marcos River project is a San Marcos Texas community wide attempt to keep the river alive. It shows the San Marcos river's persistence: fighting against invasive plants, replacing them with native species (including famous Texas Wild Rice that grows only in this river and nowhere else on the planet), cleaning up trash left by tourists, and trying to spread knowledge about this magical area
2020 Urban Water Cycle Bike Tour
Brave Blue World
This documentary will paint an optimistic picture of how humanity is adopting new technologies and innovations to re-think how we manage water. The story will follow Paul O'Callaghan, water industry expert and CEO, BlueTech Research, as he visits sites around the world that are employing novel ways of tackling existing water problems. This documentary will challenge some of your commonly held assumptions and change how you think about water. We will take you on a journey that explores an alternative water future, look at how we got to where we are today and then challenge some of the most commonly held assumptions about water: Is water a global issue? Is water a scarce resource? Is water essential for human life?
UMA: A Water Crisis in Bolivia
Three Andean indigenous communities in Bolivia fight to protect their fresh water supply from big mining operations during an unprecedented water crisis.
Water Issues Collection Q & A Session
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Films Included:

  • Rio Rica
  • San Marcos River Project
  • 2020 Urban Water Cycle Bike Tour
  • Brave Blue World
  • UMA: A Water Crisis in Bolivia 
  • Water Issues Q & A

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Rio Rica - The Little Snake River is the last of its kind in the Colorado River Basin. Steady, not flashy. Pretty, not perfect. And without any fanfare at all, the Little Snake quietly does the work that keeps the rest of the Colorado River system functioning as nature intended, moving millions of tons of sediment downstream in seasonal pulses, recharging downstream beaches and bottomland and critical fish habitat.

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