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Enjoy this entertaining and informative cooking demonstration from the talented culinary instructors of the Vegan Fusion Culinary Academy in Boulder. Your meal includes a hearty winter salad with roasted squash and a pomegranate vinaigrette, a creamy and spicy black bean coconut soup, and a rich dark chocolate dessert with crystallized ginger and green tea powder. You too can learn the skills to create these and many more healthy and delicious meals during this 1 hour VIP lunch and learn!’

Presented by Vegan Fusion Cooking Academy

Chef Mark Reinfeld - School Director and Chef Instructor

An award-winning chef, educator and authority on plant-based cuisine, Chef Mark Reinfeld is the founding chef of the Vegan Fusion Culinary Academy. Mark has over 25 years experience preparing creative vegan and raw cuisine and has led plant-based cooking workshops and chef training around the world. In 2017, he was inducted into the Vegetarian Hall of Fame. He was the founding chef of The Blossoming Lotus Restaurant, voted "Best Restaurant on Kauai" Mark's first cookbook, Vegan Fusion World Cuisine, was named “Best Vegetarian Cookbook in the USA.” Since then, Mark has authored seven more books including the bestselling 30-Minute Vegan series, as well as his latest books detailing the links between health and plant-based diets.

The Vegan Fusion Culinary Academy is the culmination of his dream to bring mindfulness, passion and compassion to the culinary world by encouraging more people to discover the pleasures and benefits of plant-based cooking.

Chef April Stamm - Chef Instructor

A classically trained chef and seasoned teacher, Chef April Stamm has worked in the culinary industry for over two decades cooking, teaching and writing.

In conjunction with an early career in the theater, she had the opportunity to work the front of house in some of New York City's most exciting restaurants getting to see some of the most talked about chefs in the country at work. In 2008, she stepped away from theater and made her way from front of house to the back. Chef April earned her Grand Diploma in Culinary Arts in 2008 from the International Culinary Center (formerly known as the French Culinary Institute) in New York City.

Chef Jamie Niland - Chef Instructor

Jamie is a self-taught plant-based chef that stagiaire'd her way through the culinary industry, working alongside classically trained french savory and pâtisserie chefs. She's worked as a Chef Instructor helping develop vegan classes at Well Done, a cooking school in Houston, where her Macaron and Sushi classes were featured on shows by Netflix and TLC. As a certified culinary instructor and nutrition specialist, she loves to use her skills to create healthy and memorable meals. Chef Jamie's love for food started early in her life, spending evenings, weekends and holiday's with her mom in the kitchen crafting delicious meals and gifts for the whole family. This is where she gained her intuitive cooking knowledge and love for creating art through food. Jamie shares recipes, nutrition tips, and information about what a whole food plant-based diet can do on her blog, Cure Vegan. After years of working in the food industry as a vegan, Chef Jamie is more than excited to bring her expertise to the Vegan Fusion Culinary Academy students.