Children's Film Festival Seattle 2021

Journeys, Genders, and Identity (Ages 11+)

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Dog of My Dreams
What’s the stuff of dreams in this music video? A day at the beach, a ride on a bike, a sweet dog, and a delicious pickle.
Bird & Squirrel
Two best friends – a thrill-seeking bird and a very cautious squirrel – help each other out as they survive adventures big and small in the small forest town of Acorn Acres and beyond. The lesson here? Be brave!
All of Our Shadows
In these times of uncertainty, this film follows a day in the life of a young teenage boy as he faces anxiety and concerns, with the help of his friends.
Siren's Tail
Roque wants to be a siren of the sea; it’s that simple. Why does it have to be hard?
Being Someone Else
In this documentary, Imogen, a 13-year-old girl with autism, prepares for her favorite event of the year: the ComicCon cosplay convention.
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Love is Love
On a fall afternoon, six-year-old Viola is at the park with her father. She’s just lost her baby teeth, but already she knows things that her father doesn’t understand.
Amazing Kids: In Their Own Words
Kids from different backgrounds share their unique experiences of the autistic spectrum in their own words.
Kapaemahu reveals the healing power of four mysterious stones on Waikiki Beach, and the legendary transgender spirit within them.
Biff & Me
Charlotte and Biff, both 14, couldn’t seem more different. But what they both really want, deep down, is to be beauty queens.
Esperanza's Turn
A 12-year-old immigrant farm worker taps into her imagination to confront a bully at school.
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This program celebrates complex stories of identity and diversity — the characters in these films are one-of-a-kind, living bravely in their authentic selves, rejecting bullying, stereotypes and reaching out to others who respect their journeys.

For ages 11+

Total running time: 73 min.

Content warning: Animated mermaids in Siren’s Tail don’t bother with wearing swimsuit tops. In Esperanza’s Turn, a girl who is an immigrant is bullied by someone who also bullies other kids by calling them an epithet used against LGBTQ people.

What’s the stuff of dreams in this music video? A day at the beach, a ride on a bike, a sweet dog, and a delicious pickle.

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