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In Nature
In nature, as in human life, a couple aren't always a male and a female. You may not know it, but homosexuality isn't just a human story.
Six-year-old Giovanni is at the park with his mom, sitting on a bench and playing with a doll, but the gentleman next to them does not seem to like what Giovanni is doing.
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Mama Has a Mustache
A quirky, fully animated documentary short about gender diversity and family, as seen through the eyes of kids aged 5 to 10.
In the streets of Cartagena, a young boy embarks on an adventure to find a flower for his crush and win his affection.
Will is starting to come to terms with his sexuality. When his friends start to put pressure on him to admit things that he’s not ready to share, he has to learn the hard way that true acceptance can come only from himself; no one else.
Jules & I
An intimate portrait of young teenager Roos, who's struggling with the transition of her transgender sister Jules. Through Roos we come to understand many of the intense, lonely, and enriching feelings that can come up during someone's transition process.
The journey of Reut with her father, in which she forms her own independent identity.
Laundry Night
It's a special night at the laundromat when two nervous crushes accidentally fall asleep, leaving their laundry unattended.
Just Johnny
Maria, Dermot, and their son Johnny live in West Belfast. Their conventional, straightforward family life is jolted when Johnny tells his Mum that he wants to wear a dress for his upcoming First Holy Communion.

This program celebrates stories of unique, fun, and ferocious folks who are rejecting stereotypes and living their authentic selves.

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In nature, as in human life, a couple aren't always a male and a female. You may not know it, but homosexuality isn't just a human story.

  • Year
  • Runtime
    5 minutes
  • Language
    English, French, German, Italian, Spanish
  • Country
  • Premiere
  • Note
    with English subtitles. CW: "In Nature" features flashing colors at the beginning of the film.
  • Director
    Marcel Barelli