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Matilda and the Spare Head
Matilda wants to be the smartest person in the world. When she can’t fit any more knowledge in her head, she decides that two heads are better than one.
Monsters of Mine
A lonely girl uses high-tech glasses to fill her world with imaginary monster friends, but when they break, she discovers the value of true human connection.
Little Frog
A cute little frog lands right in the middle of another frog family's dinner. At first, the family is charmed by the adorable newcomer, but soon he begins to turn their lives upside-down. How can a frog so little be so badly behaved?
Greece Treasures
A pensioner has arrived in Greece, Halkidiki. While fishing from his boat, he pulls out an old amphora, but its bottom breaks off and falls back into the sea. The old man calls the Search and Rescue dive team for help.
The Laugh
What if Laughter itself left mankind? Picture, for a moment, a world without color or spark...
When the going gets ruff, two rival pup scouts have to work together to investigate the mystery of their missing treats.
A short film about sharing...
The Horse Room
A spunky kid and their reserved aunt travel through different dimensions to find what seems to be the 7th wonder of the world, a very special group of small horses.
A professional fly-killer finds his latest invention foiled by a single, steadfast fly. After a madcap chase around the laboratory, the insect shows his would-be exterminator an alternate ending to their shared story... one that science has never dared to imagine.
What We See in the Clouds
A lonely animator seeks companionship through asking her friends to tell her what they see in cloud pictures. She then proceeds to animate their visions.
Elevator Alone
Inspired by everyday life and by the differences in people's behavior when they are alone, rather than maintaining appearances in public. The ever-awkward confines of an elevator are the perfect place to experience both forced social behaviors and solitary release.

This collection of shorts is as eclectic as the characters it features! From a mischievous frog to a girl who's too smart for her own head, these characters are unapologetically themselves.

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Matilda wants to be the smartest person in the world. When she can’t fit any more knowledge in her head, she decides that two heads are better than one.

  • Year
  • Runtime
    13 minutes
  • Language
  • Country
  • Premiere
  • Note
    with English subtitles
  • Director
    Ignas Meilunas