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Hello World (Hei Verden) (Ages 13+)

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Hello World (Hei Verden) is a fun and engaging documentary that celebrates kids and young people who

have the courage to be different and take pride in their identities, whether that means coming out as queer to their communities, colouring their hair blue, or dressing without conforming to gender. While many of their classmates and friends are doing everything they can to fit in, Runa, Dina, Viktor, and Joachim are defining themselves differently. They are the first and only openly queer students in their classes, and the youngest in their respective communities to come out.

But building pride is not easy in a world where hate messages are just a click away, and school administrators seek to erase and marginalize outstanding voices. What is it really like to be the only openly queer student in a school? What goes through your head when you've resolved to come out, but your school asks you to wait so that they can "prepare" the news first? How do you begin to date as the queer minority at a school? Does queer life get easier over time?

  • Year
  • Runtime
    90 minutes
  • Language
  • Country
  • Premiere
    West Coast
  • Note
    with English subtitles. CW: Some of the young subjects in "Hello World" swear and talk about sex.
  • Director
    Kenneth Elvebakk