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1-Kilo 3 Euros / 1 კილო - 3 ევრო
Maka runs a small Georgian parcel shop in Berlin. It is a place that does not exist on Google Maps and can only be found if you know where to look for it. The store is an anchor point for Georgians who send parcels to their loved ones in their faraway homeland. Each package comes with its own story. What emerges is a small Georgia to soothe nostalgia.
Adjusting / Prilagođeni
A unique shelter for dogs in Europe, it is a place where animal controllers bring stray dogs impounded daily on the outskirts of the city. Showing the process of training these dogs, Adjusting deals with a current social issue – the subjugation of the individual to the will of authority. Establishing a parallel between dog shelters and societies, the film re-examines the hierarchies of power, as well as the relativity of any authority that renders us obedient through the exercise of reward and punishment.
Aphotic zone
A cinematic journey across space and time, Aphotic Zone peers back from the future through dark oceans to witness the threats of the climate crisis and economic extractivism; the idealistic prospects of science; and the catastrophic consequences of human greed.
At spiral’s end / Na konec spirály
What does it take to turn the downward spiral of substance abuse upside down? A simple animated documentary based on authentic recordings.
Attention to all passangers / Cestujúcim do pozornosti
A train colliding with a suicide is unstoppable, just like this world. Fractions of a second decide what the driver will dream about and how it will affect their psyche. The film is about coping with a tragic event through a mass portrait of men from the train cab and the helplessness they experience when they apply the brakes and close their eyes at a speed of 100 kilometers per hour.
Backstage / Kulisy
The Polish National Opera in Warsaw is preparing for the premiere of one of the most important shows of the season.
In post-war Kosovo, driven by the ambition of keeping their beloved sport alive, two local players wander from one obscure location to another carrying with them the only possession of the club: their tables.
Handbook / Handbuch
In the days following the presidential election in Belarus in August 2020, numerous protests erupt throughout the country. The special police, OMON, take particularly brutal action against demonstrators, which even spills over onto passers-by. In total, almost 7000 people are arrested throughout Belarus. Hundreds of victims recount their experiences in interviews. Their reports reveal a system of repression, which is reconstructed in detail in the director’s room in Berlin Neukölln in the form of a cinematic guide.
Liturgy of Anti-Tank Obstacles / Літургія протитанкових перешкод
Reality in Ukraine has been divided in two periods - before the war and after. Every citizen tries to be useful in this national resistance. Ukrainians change their professions and adapt to the needs of wartime. In art workshops, sculptors make anti-tank obstacles. Craftsmen weld metal defence items for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
Sharing / Dzielenie się
Documentary movie about a Polish family waiting to celebrate Catholic Christmas. Mating three generations, Polish culture and Christmas with coming out of a homosexual granddaughter/daughter / sister.
A surreal reflection of death and life through the poetic lenses on the rarely captured moment of the funeral of a deceased grandmother in the vanishing world of the Ruthenian community in the hills of the eastern Slovakia.
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  • Runtime
    16 minutes
  • Language
  • Country
    Georgia, Germany
  • Director
    Ani Mrelashvili