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Catch a ride to nanospace with Oxy and her crew to boldly go where only atoms have gone before! Aboard the Molecularium, the most fantastic ship in the universe, fly through the crystalline structure of a snowflake, blast through the far reaches of space, escape the tangled polymers of chewing gum and discover the molecular machinery of a living cell. This animated adventure brings audiences into amazingly small places and fascinates them with incredibly big ideas.

  • Year
  • Runtime
    41 minutes
  • Language
  • Premiere
    April 2009
  • Rating
  • Director
    V. Owen Bush
  • Screenwriter
    Kurt Przybilla, V. Owen Bush,
  • Producer
    Kurt Przybilla
  • Executive Producer
    Shekhar Garde, Linda S. Schadler, Richard W. Seigel