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The Twins
With a twist of fate, things change and forever changes the dynamics of this traditional family.
The Hotline
Trapped working a dead-end job, Erika fears there is no light at the end of the tunnel, until her environment puts her mental fragility to the test.
Birth of A Union
This film chronicles the historic effort to organize low wage workers in North Carolina, where it is illegal for any State agency to agree to a Union contract.
Animal Calling
While Dr. VanRooy quietly prepares for her day, she reflects on the mental health crisis currently impacting the field of animal care—revealing the emotional and psychological challenges faced by those dedicating their lives to veterinary medicine.
Gathering Circle
A short documentary about the Indigenous architects and collaborators behind the new Indigenous public space built in Collingwood, Canada.
Aguan-Sun Behind the Horizon
Ms. Rahela Begum tells her story of breaking traditional gender roles by becoming a female rickshaw-puller. The concept of a woman doing such a job had been unheard of before she hit the road three years ago.
Children are the most vulnerable group in society, who are exposed to the disasters, pressures and problems of life – caused by their elders.
Mohammad has worked in Canada as a pizza delivery man, a driving instructor, and a taxi driver. A weekend drive with his daughter prompts reflection on cars, labour, and family.
A little robot that works in a huge factory. He is stuck there working in the same routine every day until the day that he discovers the world outside...
In a wooden shed on the east side of São Paulo, 16 women work sorting recycling material in Filadelphia Cooperative. A subject inevitably comes up: why do men give up so early to work in the cooperative?
Forty Thousand a Month
Indu, asks her father - who has a very hectic job - to take her to a movie one day. What happens next forms this short film.
The Call
Pablo works in Berlin, Elena in Los Angeles, and Alicia in Paris. They left behind that call that made them suffer too much. Today the call returns...
The Night of the Sand
This documentary tells the story of silicosis patients who became sick with the disease from their work in jean sandblasting.
Trap Fishing
Get up close and personal with one of the last remaining trap fishing families in Rhode Island.
When Asians Audition
A short comedy sketch of what happens when Asians audition for acting roles.
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The film revolves around the story of Ah Ma, and her twin children Ah Boy and Ah Girl. Chinese families traditionally prefer boys over girls and often overlook the sacrifices made by their daughters. With a twist of fate, things change and forever changes the dynamics of this family. The greatest love endures the greatest sacrifice.

  • Year
  • Runtime
    7 minutes
  • Language
  • Country
  • Director
    WKNDPRJCTS, Cru Bannon, Douglas Ho, Yuriz Joe
  • Screenwriter
    WKNDPRJCTS, Cru Bannon, Douglas Ho, Yuriz Joe, Ruby Faye, Tan Mei Ling
  • Producer
  • Cast
    Ruby Faye, Tan Mei Ling, Soo Xu Ze