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A More Radiant Sphere
A More Radiant Sphere is a delightful documentary/personal discovery film that follows the long-lost story of Communist poet, activist and Canadian political prisoner Joe Wallace, bringing him to life through archival material, both real and imagined.
A World Free of Crisis
In this alternate reality society that plays by slightly different rules, nothing goes as planned for Emilie. Is this the opportunity she thinks it is?
If There Is No Struggle
A young photographer sets out to map Black intellectuals and activism in the United States.
We glimpse a private conversation between two long-time hotel workers and close friends.
In this society each human being repeats the same action over and over again… deviations will not be tolerated!
Made in Pauquachin
Siblings Alva, Iona and Virgil enjoy each other’s company while doing what they do best: making traditional, handmade products.
Nu Ulew (My homeland)
An intimate film showing the life of a migrant worker in their homeland of Guatemala.
Teiya Kasahara (they/them) leads a new generation of trans* opera performers, activists and self-proclaimed “shit-disturbers” making their voices heard–whether the classical music world likes it or not.
Reach the Vortex
A highly amusing critique of sexism in the workplace... from an alien perspective.
See Us Come Together
See Us Come Together is an amateur documentary following the members of the Optodev Workers Union, tracing their story of forming their union before and during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Closed captions available
Spain Against the Atom
50 years after a radioactive leak contaminated their neighbourhood, workers and neighbours are fighting against something more terrible than the radiation: the total indifference of Spanish society.
Sugar on the Weaver's Chair
A story of three Indonesian women redefining their destinies.
The Hands of an Elder
In this filmmaker's debut film, Dinah Sam focuses on the importance of Cree culture in an ever-changing world.
The Umbrella
Alberto navigates the world with much effort. He often encounters discomfort, annoyance, and sometimes hostility in his workplace due to his unusual need for accommodation.
The Unmaking of Medical Inadmissibility
Have you ever considered the amount of work it takes to immigrate to Canada?
What will I show you?
An intimate documentary in which a grandfather and his grandson discuss the past and future of Innu culture.
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