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Episode 1 - "Where is Avi?"
Dana discovers that her husband, Avi, has disappeared, leaving her with mountains of debt and empty bank accounts. Her father, Amnon, refuses to bail her out. At Avi’s private investigation firm, his partner and lover, Hanit, is equally in the dark about Avi’s whereabouts. Dana arrives, demanding information about her husband and insulting Hanit. Only because of Hanit’s personal stake in Avi’s well-being does she join forces with Dana to find him, and both are puzzled to discover that he has left the country on a client’s yacht.
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Episode 2 - "That's the Job"
Hanit waits in vain for the yacht to return. Dana learns just how badly in debt Avi has left her, including a mortgage on the house, and knows she will have to depend on income from the PI firm for her wherewithal. But with Avi gone, her father, who has funneled work from his law practice to Avi’s firm for years, has taken over the cases and given them to another agency. Hanit reopens an old insurance claims case that Dana helps her crack. The girls collect the much needed fee behind Amnon’s back. Hanit sees the yacht return empty: the crew mysteriously disappeared at sea.
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Episode 3 - "We Don't Do Cheating"
Dana tries to help her son, Roiki, make sense of his father’s sudden disappearance. A mother at Roiki’s school approaches her for Avi’s help in a personal matter; without revealing that Avi is gone, Dana convinces her to assign the investigation to the firm. Hanit’s affair with Avi is nearly discovered when Dana is called in to pick up a pair of shoes her husband had ordered for his lover.
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Episode 4 - "Where is Pluto?"
Yaniv, a police officer with a thing for Hanit, gets her and Dana hired to investigate the case of a dog that has gone missing from a kibbutz. Roiki receives a package without a return address: a letter and a gift from his father Avi, who promises that they will be together again one day, and asks Roiki not to tell his mother.
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Episode 5 - "Queen of Sheba"
Hanit accepts a date with Yaniv with the intention of milking him for details on what the police know about Avi’s disappearance. The letter and gift Avi sent to Roiki have disappeared, and Roiki runs away to his grandfather Amnon’s house when Dana doesn’t believe that he even received such a thing. Hanit suspects that she is being followed.
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Episode 6 - "The Cool Divorcee"
Avi’s brother Ronnie, the tech wizard who works in the PI firm, recovers files Avi had deleted off the computer, and discovers that he’s established a workstation in Cyprus. Dana seduces the subject of one of the firm’s investigations.
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Episode 7 - "Cyprus"
Convinced that Avi is in Cyprus, the girls head off to find him, only to be arrested by Cyprian police at the location Ronnie had pinpointed. The truth of Hanit’s relationship with Avi is revealed, and Dana is crushed: their firm and partnership are over. Still hoping to find Avi, Hanit returns to the workstation location.
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Episode 8 - "The Abduction"
Dana decides to close the firm and rent out the office immediately. Ronnie and Hanit pore over the evidence she removed from the workstation in Cyprus and find a lead indicating Avi’s involvement in a nefarious plan. Roiki is kidnapped and, desperate, Dana asks Hanit for help in finding him.
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Episode 9 - "Sofia"
With Roiki home safely and the pieces of the puzzle all in place (less serial cheater Avi’s current whereabouts), Dana and Hanit begin to reboot their relationship and their business. Until their phones ring, one after the other, and a terrified Avi begs each of them to save him from mobsters holding him captive in Bulgaria. Can they? Should they? Will they?
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Dana Berger-Fein is easily stressed. But no more so than on the day she discovers her husband, Avi, an apparently successful private investigator, has vanished, her bank account has been wiped clean, her car repossessed, the business itself is underwater, and Dana’s famous attorney father, Amnon, has tired of providing financial support for his daughter, whose longtime, unwavering defense of her indefensible (from Amnon’s point of view) husband has brought Amnon to his breaking point. 

On the other hand, Hanit Abramov is rarely stressed. Until the day, that is, when her employer and lover, Avi Fein, doesn’t come to work at his PI firm, and Avi’s clueless wife, Dana, arrives at the office, dismissing Hanit as a secretary – in fact she’s the brains of the outfit - even as she demands that all of the office’s resources be directed at finding her husband.

Oil and water, these two, but they have to join forces, both to find the missing man whom (unbeknownst to Dana) they share, and to keep the PI business afloat.   

With a light and comic touch, Clues’ nine episodes explore the nuances of trust, betrayal, rivalry, friendship and love. And its appealing and charismatic leading actors, Mili Avital as Dana and Shani Cohen as Hanit, share a chemistry that is hard to resist.  Enjoy!

  • Runtime
    37 minutes
  • Language
  • Country
  • Genre
    Drama, thriller
  • Subtitle Language
  • Director
    Ayelet Menahemi
  • Screenwriter
    Ruti Rudner (creator), Yonatan Cognac, Lior Kfir